How to Embrace Your Individuality—Rachel Peters Style!

For Rachel Peters, competing for the Miss Universe title is so much more than just flaunting evening gowns and impressing the judges during the Q&A portion. For the Top 10 finalist, it’s also about discovering yourself and celebrating your individuality. Now, you may not be competing on the Miss Universe stage, but hey, every independent woman has got to learn the art of embracing her uniqueness, because well, it will serve you in all areas of your life. And yes, it might not be as easy as it sounds, but to give you some points, here’s how Rachel Peters did it!

Know your purpose.


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In an exclusive interview with, Rachel shared that her journey to the Miss Universe pageant gave her life a sense of meaning and direction.

“Pageants are a platform for young girls to showcase their beauty, their talent, and most importantly the platform for them to advocate their personal social causes that they want to help,” Rachel said.

Sharing the same advocacy with Miss Universe 2015 winner, Pia Wurtzbach, Rachel also campaigns for HIV/AIDS awareness. “I’m able to attend [events] organized by [people with causes], and speak to people who live with HIV and I get to learn things I didn’t know about anything before.”

“When you learn about these things, that’s when you can help spread awareness about it. And doing things like that has made me more confident and have more purpose.”

Ladies, remember: Embracing your individuality goes beyond discovering yourself. It’s also about being able to harness what’s unique in you to help others. If you’re still on the path to knowing what your purpose is, don’t worry. You can still find your way. Attend events, read up, and never stop learning. Eventually, you will get there.

Discover your passions.


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“This [Miss Universe] is probably the best thing I’ve ever done in my life because when I came out of the university I really lost who I was. I was in a relationship with somebody before and it was because of that that I lost who I was,” Rachel shared.

It was when she took a second chance on joining the pageant that everything just fell into place. “When I joined Binibini, I realized what I wanted to do. This is how I can make a difference.”

Discovering what you want to do in life is not easy. Even Rachel Peters had to go through ups and downs before eventually finding out what her passion was. It takes ime, patience, and humility to accept the fact that some things might not be meant for you—and that’s okay. Once you’ve eliminated these options, you’ll be one step closer to realizing what your heart desires.

Welcome your transformation.

Embracing your individuality is a process. It involves having to go through changes to be able to reach your full potential. What is important, though, is to find out which changes will help you become the better version of yourself—those that won’t make you lose sight of who you are.

“It’s about celebrating my individuality and I think that’s what I’ve done,” she declared. “In the pageant world it’s really easy to get caught up and lose yourself in the glamour and all the drama of pageantry. But I think something that I’m most proud of is that throughout this whole journey I remained myself,” Rachel shared.

While she welcomed her transformation from being an events organizer to being crowned Miss Universe Philippines 2017, she managed to stay true to who she was. So go ahead, be comfortable to accept and go through even the smallest positive changes in your life. These experiences can transform and push you further to become the fiercest version of yourself.

Even if she wasn’t able to take home the Miss Universe crown, Rachel still made us proud by celebrating her uniqueness and standing up for what she believes in. As Miss Universe Philippines 2017, she will always be a living proof that by knowing your purpose, discovering your passions, and welcoming transformation, you can have the #PowertoTransform with confidence. With the help of Cream Silk’s 7 variants, you can have that much-needed confidence just like Rachel--giving her the power to transform into her best, bold self. You too, can get that confidence to stand out and celebrate what makes you, you! Try Cream Silk today, embrace your individuality, and unleash the beyond beautiful you.

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