LOOK: Here’s The Truth Behind Sarah Geronimo’s Extra-Ready-For-Anything Vibe!

Expect nothing less when it comes to the Popstar Royalty, Sarah Geronimo. She fought hard to become the ‘Star For A Night’ grand champion last 2003. Flash forward to 2018 and this star is still shining brightly: dominating the music charts with her songs, bagging recognition from prominent award-winning bodies, and enjoying sold out concerts—both in and out of the country.


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Extra ready to perform:
Sarah gave an all-out performance during her
This 15 Me anniversary concert at the Big Dome last April 14.

And while the Popstar Royalty reigns supreme in the music scene, Sarah’s feats as an actress are equally impressive, too. Case in point: her recent box-office hit ‘Miss Granny’. The film received positive reviews from fans and critics alike—most of them commended Sarah’s on-point portrayal of the protagonist in the story.


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Extra ready to capture our hearts:
Sarah Geronimo never fails to exceed our expectations.
Her heartwarming performance in her recent film has been the talk of the town.

Be it as an amazing actress or as a chart-topping singer, Sarah Geronimo is extra ready for anything. Her secret? Nothing but a heart that’s always willing to perform—and of course, being camera-ready 24/7!


Good Evening, Popsters ❤️

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Extra ready to wow the crowd:
Aside from her talent and charisma onstage or onscreen,
fans also admire Sarah’s classic Pinay beauty
complemented by her gorgeous hair.

As an on-the-go woman with tight shooting schedules, never-ending travels, and countless rehearsals—it’s quite challenging to look A+ in just a snap, especially when it comes to prepping her hair. Fortunately, Sarah has Sunsilk to make her hair extra ready.


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Extra ready for anything:
No more amoy usok or pawis hair, even after a long and busy day at work. The all-new Sunsilk with 5 flower essences gives her 5x smoother and fragrant hair!


With 5X smoother, and fragrant hair, it’s easy for Sarah to don any hairstyle—and be extra ready for anything that comes her way. Shooting? Rehearsals? Concerts? Travels? Game! She’s been a total inspiration for the past 15 years—and her extra-ready-for-anything vibe (not to mention cop-worthy hair!) is just one of the reasons why!

Watch the ‘Extra Ready’ musical
and get your inspiration
to make your hair as extra ready as Sarah Geronimo’s!