5 Ways to Survive Your Long-Distance Friendships

You and your friends have probably been through a lot together. From dealing with your thesis to mending your broken hearts, to reconciling after petty fights—you’ve survived them all. Cut to today, you find yourselves grappling with something you weren’t ready for: the lockdown—forcing you to stay at home and bid goodbye to your weekly dinners and movie dates, at least for now. 

And if you’re worried about maintaining your friendship from afar, here are a few ways to keep it solid:

⦁    Check in on them.

When we say “check in on them,” we mean really check in on them. Ask about how their parents are, if they have supplies, and how they’re coping during these difficult times—especially your friends who live alone. 

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⦁    Tag them in memes

If you’re not that good with words, then tag your friends in memes! Where words alone fail, memes succeed in sending the “I-thought-of-you!” vibes—with love! They say it’s the sixth love language anyway, so go ahead and “@” away!

⦁    Video chat as much as you can.

During these tough times, you should use technology to your advantage. Even if it’s just for ten minutes, schedule a face-to-face catch-up with your barkada! It’s one of the best ways to keep each other sane, tbh.

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⦁    Send them a playlist.

With everything that’s happening, it’s important to find comfort in music. And by sharing your playlist with your tropa—with songs handpicked by no less than yourself—you also help them cope. Plus, it’s a great way to promote other artists!

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Bonus tip: Throw in a song that reminds you of your barkada!

⦁    Stream your favorite movies and originals.

To lift a bit of stress off of your shoulders, take this opportunity to see your favorite films and originals! Set a long-distance watch party with friends, stream together, then rant or rave away! iWant offers over a thousand of titles to choose from—from Pinoy classics to blockbuster hits!

Looking for…

…Something cheesy? Then ‘Vince, Kath, and James’ is for you! Based on the online series written by Jenny Ruth Almocera, it tells the story of two teens, Vince (Joshua Garcia) and Kath (Julia Barretto) who fall in love via text messages—leaving fans 101% smitten!

…Something to give you the creeps? Check out ‘Abandoned’, starring Beauty Gonzalez! Here, she plays the role of Simone, a struggling guard who works at an abandoned hospital, which is believed to be haunted by nurses and children.

Beauty Gonzalez also stars in ‘Hellcome Home’, alongside Dennis Trillo, Alyssa Muhlach, and Raymond Bagatsing. The story follows two families, the Domingos and Villareals, who settle in a haunted house. Existing in two different timelines, 1994 and 2019, both families experience uncannily parallel evil encounters.

…Something to awaken your patriotic hearts? You just have to watch ‘Heneral Luna’ (John Arcilla), a historical biopic film set during the Philippine–American War! With thought-provoking lines like, “Ganito ba talaga ang tadhana natin? Kalaban ang kalaban? Kalaban ang kakampi?”, it will surely stick with you for years on end.

...Something light and funny?Ang Babae sa Septic Tank 3’ will make you laugh like crazy! After the notable back-to-back hits, the third part comes as an iWant original mini-series—following Eugene Domingo as she directs, produces, and also stars in the biopic of Josephine Bracken!

...Something hip yet woke? If there’s one movie your barkada can definitely relate to, it’s ‘Manilennials’! Catch Missy (Ria Atayde), Yeye (Chai Fonacier), Ruth (Mela Franco Habijan), Art (Nicco Manalo), and Kiko (Fifth Solomon) as they struggle to find their way through misadventures in the crazy Metro!

...Some nail-biting thriller? Sam Milby and Yassi Pressman star in this mystery-thriller from iWant, ‘The Tapes’. The story revolves around Sonny Cruz and Alice Lagaac, two cops dedicated to solve a murder case and expose people masked as demonic figures in a small secluded town. If you’re planning to stream this, make sure you and your friends are ready for intense suspense!

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