5 true stories from “Dear MOR”

Stories of love abound everywhere and at times, these romances mirror people’s unique experiences that push them to reminisce the past, live in the present, or look forward to a better future.

MOR Entertainment’s beloved “Dear MOR” program hosted by Popoy and Betina is the perfect stage for these real-life narratives on love and life in general. So if you’re scouting for a love story that is relatable to you or searching for life lessons that you can apply to your own life moving forward, here are some top picks from the more recent episodes of “Dear MOR”:

1. “Walang Kwenta”: Kwento ni Mark

In this story shared by letter sender Mark, he learned the hard way that choosing love over friendship never ends in a good way. Mark and his best friend Eric’s situation was a classic case of stealing your very best friend’s girlfriend, which unfortunately drove the already-hanging-by-a-thread Eric to claim his own life. Hear more about the heartbreaking conclusion to Mark and Eric’s special friendship in Dear MOR’s “Walang Kwenta” episode.

2. “Kabaliwan”: The Chammie Story

They say love can make someone do stupid things, and that’s exactly what the letter sender proves in “Kabaliwan:” The Chammie Story. As a passionate lover, Chammie settled for whatever love Rick could give to her, even if she knew that he loved her officemate Angela first. She went to great lengths to have Rick all to herself, even more so after knowing that he is about to marry Angela. In the end, Chammie was able to wake up from her delusions and accept that Rick just wasn’t for her, leaving this advice for others: “Sa mga nagpapakabaliw diyan, awat na, tama na. Magagaya lang kayo sa akin na nagpakabaliw, pero nasaktan sa huli.”

3. “Abusado”: Liham ni Ivan

Love isn’t limited to romantic feelings and for some, love is first and foremost synonymous to family. This is perhaps true for Ivan, who went all out with his generosity in helping the family of his adoptive mom Elsa even after she passed away. His kindness was unfortunately exploited, as his relatives failed to honor his only wish not to destroy the memory of his late Nanay Elsa by leaving her old room untouched. Will they abide by his request or will their actions force Ivan to cut ties with them? Find out in the “Abusado”: Liham ni Ivan episode.

4. “Pinapangarap”: The Joel Story

Are you someone who’d be willing to follow the person you’ve been in love with for so long even if you don’t have the courage to tell them about your feelings? If yes, then you’re just like the letter sender of “Pinapangarap”: The Joel Story. Joel followed his close friend Cindy in Manila from Zambales as she studied college, even applying for a part-time job at a coffee shop near her school to be close to her. He pined for her for years, waiting for the right moment to divulge his feelings, but fate seemed to not be on his side as up to now, as he still hasn’t been able to. Though regretful of the failed opportunities to confess to her, Joel is not one to quit, and still hopes that fate will align for them to be together someday.

5. “Napasubo”: The Patricio Story

Pat and Shayne’s romance was a product of matchmaking, but since he wanted to take a break from relationships, Pat knew from the get-go that he wouldn’t be fully able to commit to Shayne. He tried to tell her of his dilemma countless times, but her efforts, affection, and overall goodness always prevented him to end the relationship. To his surprise, Shayne wasn’t entirely unaware of his true feelings, so they broke up.

Unfortunately, this was the wake-up call that Pat needed to realize he truly loves Shayne. Will they try their luck at love again or settle for whatever they had in the past? Hear the rest of their journey in the “Napasubo”: The Patricio Story.

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