5 things that will make you say G! to Tara G!

Say “G!” to the newest teen barkada in town in “Tara, G!” After a few episodes of iWantTFC’s youth-oriented series, viewers are definitely loving the feel-good story about striving for one’s dreams and having a deep connection with friends.

In the current story, Rocky (Anthony Jennings) and Cars (Daniela Stranner) seem to have made peace as they spearhead Team WISE’s mobile coffee cafe. However, there is still some bad blood between Cars and some members of the barkada since they are still irked by her stuck-up personality, especially after they found out about her video scandal. 

From all the drama, heartwarming family moments, and light-hearted ups and downs among friends, we’ve listed down all the reasons why you should say ‘G!’ and watch the series:

  1. Its up-and-coming stars portray relatable characters


Before “Tara, G!” premiered on iWantTFC, a lot of fans eagerly shared their excitement for the cast since they were looking forward to the fresh pairings and feel-good dynamic of each artist. Now that we’re six episodes in, there’s no doubt that the young stars jive so easily and nail their respective characters in the series.

Viewers will surely be able to relate to the deeply heartwarming story and can learn a thing or two from relationships with family and friends (or maybe even lovers!) since each character has a different personality and is battling their own struggles in life, whether big or small. 


  1. Gives off good vibes and ultimate “barkada goals”


Team WISE always stays true to their name and motto - ‘Walang Iwanan Sa Ere.’ Their tight-knit barkada would do anything and everything to protect one another even if it means sacrificing their own personal joys.

But that doesn’t mean they don’t encounter problems of their own. In the latest twist in the series, Legs (Kaori Oinuma) and Dan (JC Alcantara) had a major argument after Dan tried to kiss her. However, with the help of their barkada, Legs and Dan found it in their hearts to move on from their feud and decided to forgive one another. 


  1. Highlights a young group of friends fighting for their dreams


The good looks of the characters and light-hearted moments aren’t the only things that will get you hooked on “Tara, G!” One of the more compelling parts of the series is how passionate and determined Team WISE is to achieve their dreams, no matter how impossible it may seem. 

The adults of La Guerta have been persistent in persuading Team WISE to give up on their coffee wine business since they can barely make a profit out of it. But Team WISE has only become more determined to prove their doubters wrong and they made a promise to one another to never give up on their goal.


  1. It’s filled with an overload of ‘kilig’ moments


What do you get when you have a teenage barkada with different quirks? Yes, an endearing story about teenage love and a whole lot of drama. There is definitely a budding romance between polar opposites Rocky and Cars, who at first hated each other so much. But it seems as if Rocky has slowly fallen for Cars after she let her guard down and continues to be a huge help to Team WISE’s mobile coffee cafe.

Meanwhile, Legs and Dan have a hate-love relationship of their own. Legs, who has a secret crush on Rocky, has made it clear to Dan that she is not interested in him whatsoever. However, Dan won’t take ‘no’ for an answer. Dan’s consistent teasing of Legs and his ‘swabe panliligaw’ moves toward her make for a lot of swoon-worthy moments between them. Let’s also not forget the very innocent love triangle between Jeng-Jeng (Vivoree Esclito) and brothers Will (Zach Castañeda) and Smith (CJ Salonga), who are unintentionally very charming in their own ways. 


  1. The beautiful scenery of Benguet


Scenic shots in any series evoke emotions from viewers and it also helps in telling the story. For “Tara, G!,” which was shot entirely in Benguet, viewers feel the warmth, coziness, and the feeling of being in a safe space. These characteristics also symbolize the bond and friendship of Team WISE - they are each other’s home and refuge amidst turbulent times and cold weather in their hometown. The series showcases the beautiful flower farms and mesmerizing green fields, where Team WISE frequently settles in in the fictional small town of La Guerta. 

“Tara, G!” streams worldwide with a new episode dropping every Friday at 8 PM (Manila time). The series is free in the Philippines on the iWantTFC app (iOs and Android) and website (iWantTFC.com) and it is also available for premium subscribers outside of the Philippines.

Viewers can also join the fun online hangouts with cast members in “Tara, Space” every Tuesday at 8 PM on iWantTFC’s Twitter account and “Tara, G! with Me” every Friday at 8:40 PM on iWantTFC’s YouTube channel.

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