5 simple yet surely heartwarming ways to express your love this ‘love month’!

Valentine’s Day may be already over, but showing our love and care to our loved ones definitely knows no date nor occasion, right? And since we’re still in the midst of a pandemic, there has always been a need to stay connected with our beloved Kapamilyas, especially those who are living alone or far away from us.

Aside from simply checking on them via calling and sending messages to them, there are actually other little ways that we can show our family, friends, and special someone how much we care and think of them during these trying times – such as the following:

Tagging them on social media posts

Since we’ve been discouraged to go out nor gather for almost a year now, many of us have arguably depended on social media for our dose of entertainment and to pass the time. And it’s also through this that we can make our loved ones feel that we think of them highly.

You can publish an appreciation post for them or tag them in posts that indeed reminds you of them – may these be memes, hugots, videos, photos, humor, or anything in between. 

Cooking or ordering food for them

This pandemic has indeed made us miss dining out or eating together with our loved ones. And since it’s not a good idea to do it at present, it’s still possible for you to make them smile and feel full by preparing your specialty and have it delivered at their doorsteps. But if you’re not a kitchen whiz nor not keen on spending much time in cooking, you may opt to just order food from your favorite food or beverage place.

Streaming your favorite movies or series together

Another activity that we terribly miss doing is hitting the theaters to watch a newly-released film or play with a loved one, especially during this love month. And since cinemas and performance halls are currently closed, we have hugely relied on binge-watching our favorite movies and series online. 

While it’s possible for some to do it together physically, others may opt to do it virtually by watching a film or episodes of a series through your respective devices at the same time or sharing your screen on your conversation or group video call for everyone to see.

Supporting their small business or passion project

As some have either unfortunately lost their jobs, while majority get assigned to work from home throughout the lockdown, many have come up with starting their online and /or home-based businesses. And sharing their social media pages and posts, creating reviews of promoting their products, and buying items from them could be a great way to show your support and love for them. 

Sending them Liwanag at Ligaya stickers on Viber 

5 simple yet surely heartwarming ways to express your love this love month  1

But in the end, nothing could still beat sending them messages and calling them not just when you feel like it, but anytime of the day – at least once. And there’s actually a cuter and more delighting to do it in Viber, wherein you can send lovely “Liwanag and Ligaya” stickers to your Kapamilyas who also use the app.

All you have to do is download the Kapamilya sticker packs – the ABS-CBN News stickers and the latest “Liwanag at Ligaya” stickers – on Viber for FREE!

Regardless of how we do it, showing our relentless and unconditional love, appreciation, and concern for our loved ones should be done not just every Valentine’s Day or special occasions, but every moment of our lives. Spread the love, Kapamilya!