5 simple ways to show your Kapamilya that you care

These trying times have definitely been quite a burden to all of us, with the pandemic still deeply affecting our lives. Yet, with the available digital platforms, such as messaging tools, we still find solace in finding alternative means to not only continue our daily lives, but also lifting the spirits of our loved ones facing this continuing pandemic.

Such uplifting gestures are always a click or swipe away through these simple ways of encouragement, spreading good vibes, and assurance to our Kapamilya, wherever they may be.  Here are five of them:


1. Tagging friends, family in memes

Memes are both entertaining and hilarious when we stumble upon them in our news feeds, and tagging our dearest family and friends to experience the same amusement seeing them will definitely cheer them up. Next time, when you see that witty, catchy meme, tag away!


2. Watching series and movies on streaming platforms

One of the most thrilling discoveries in the midst of the pandemic are the streaming services that we download to our devices through an app or reach via the Web.  Since March of last year, especially with the closure of cinemas and the dearth of new shows on TV, people have turned to such streaming platforms as iWantTFC, Netflix, and Viu to watch their favorite movies, drama series, and even teleseryes. Invite family or friends to play and watch these streaming programs on their devices, or better yet on their large-screen TV sets to double the fun.

5 simple ways to show your Kapamilya that you care 1


3. Sending heartfelt notes and stickers through instant messaging

Sending a direct message or an instant message means a lot to people. As such, it would not be much of a burden to spread good vibes through a simple note with a meaningful, catchy, fun, or hilarious sticker. On Viber, the ABS-CBN Christmas ID “Liwanag at Ligaya” stickers are ready for use to accompany your messages that will surely brighten anyone’s day.


5 simple ways to show your Kapamilya that you care 2



4. Sending greetings through a selfie video

Why not take a selfie video and greet your family and friends a great day ahead, or to stay safe, or wish them the best for whatever occasion. Having them to see you in the flesh really has more impact and this would really move, touch and inspire them even more. Better yet, why not have your kuya, ate, mom or dad be greeted by their favorite celebrity through Fan Love (fanlove.ph), wherein you can tap Star Magic or Rise Artist Studio personalities to express heartfelt wishes for your loved one.


5 simple ways to show your Kapamilya that you care 3


5. Start a video chat

It certainly would be very memorable to have an actual gathering with your closest friends and relatives, not in person, though, but online. Start a video chat with prominent conferencing platforms available, inviting your loved ones so you can ask how they are doing, discuss important matters, or even share a laugh about anything. While it’s good to email or message, it’s best that you can see them while interacting.

These are just some ways you can make the most of these challenging times to still bring smiles to people close to you and show that you care.