5 Self-Love Lessons We Learned from ‘Loving Emily’

“You just have to love yourself more.” Yes, you’ve probably heard this a million times. Come to think of it, it’s actually a really sensible piece of advice. The thing is, it’s just not that simple. 

Take it from Emily herself, Iza Calzado’s character in iWantTFC’sLoving Emily’. After her father died, all she could think about was this lingering question he asked her, “Masaya ka ba anak? Masaya ka ba sa mga naging decision mo sa buhay?”

5 Self Love Lessons We Learned from Loving Emily  1

And while she finally discovered the key to finding happiness is to love herself, here are some of the lessons she had to learn the hard way.

(WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD. If you haven’t watched ‘Loving Emily’, catch it on iWantTFC now!)


1. You have to make time for yourself.

When Emily met Vince, that was the only time she allowed herself to enjoy life. Together, they rode motorcycles, explored islands, and gazed at the stars. Sure, they had fun—but really, the lesson here is: You don’t need to wait for someone else to make you feel alive again. You have to embrace opportunities on your own.

5 Self Love Lessons We Learned from Loving Emily  2


2. Stop lying to yourself.

Emily used to always make it seem that she was okay. Whenever someone asked how she was doing, she would always reply with something like, “Yes, I am okay. Yes, we are happy,”—even if she was brimming with regrets. You see, the first step in taking care of yourself is to acknowledge what you’re feeling. That way, you can find ways to address what’s really going on within you.

5 Self Love Lessons We Learned from Loving Emily  3


3. Real happiness does not come at the expense of others.

Vince and Emily shared so many fond moments together. They even lifted each other up. But let’s not forget: Emily was still a wife to Frank.

5 Self Love Lessons We Learned from Loving Emily  4

If your happiness comes at the expense of making others miserable, one way or another, you would need to let that go. After all, there are other ways to find joy.


4. Seek to understand the situation.

Because Frank spoiled the kids, Emily was consumed by resentment. She later realized that she could have done something about it. “I could have talked to you,” she told her daughter, Sarah.

5 Self Love Lessons We Learned from Loving Emily  5

What we’re trying to say is that yes, your feelings may be valid, but before getting too caught up with the situation, analyze it first. Who knows? Maybe you can do something about it.


5.Choosing what’s right can be empowering.

In the end, Emily took the higher road to be with her family. While this meant saying goodbye to Vince, it was a choice that empowered her—because the decision was hers to make.

5 Self Love Lessons We Learned from Loving Emily  6

She also found strength in choosing what was right—ultimately leading to her happiness.

By learning how to love herself, Emily was able to experience joy on a whole new level. With a bit of courage and self-awareness, you can enjoy life, too! 

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