5 Moments Every Shipper Wants To See From Their OTP

Shipping an OTP can take a lot of time, effort, and feelings. You spend hours binge-watching their behind-the-scenes videos. You analyze every single detail you see in their photos. You imagine a lot of kilig moments. No judgement here, though, because we totally get you!

And because fangirling is more fun when you’re sharing the feels with others, we thought we’d share our recent discovery. In case you missed it, a new boys’ love series has been released on iWantTFC. Just by hearing its title, ‘The Shipper’, you can already tell what it’s all about; no wonder BL stans are talking about it non-stop online!

To help you get started—and even help you with your own fanfics—we’ve noted 5 cute OTP moments (from the series) that every shipper wants to see from their own ships.

That *close* encounter. OMG, can you just imagine your ships doing this?! We’d probably stay up all night thinking about it; we’ll even keep the exact moment in our memories forever!


A you-and-me-against-the-world moment. Superheroes yarn?! Jokes aside, we know you love a good ~against the odds~ storyline. Who doesn’t want their ships fighting for their love, anyway?


Catching feelings… and each other. Sana all sinasalo, amirite?! Thank goodness we have our OTPs who give us the kilig we need! Real-life romance who? We don’t know her.


Those three words. The moment one (or both!) of them says ‘I love you’, we’re telling you: it’s over. It’s done. End game. Love is real. Forever exists.


The kiss. SANDALE! We all know that it’s the ultimate dream, but let’s face it: we’re never ready when it happens. We mean, are we supposed to get kilig or inggit? Is it possible to feel both at the same time? WE. CANNOT. EVEN.


TBH, we could go on and on; but it might take forever. Besides, we bet you already have a long(er) list of cute scenarios featuring your OTPs!  But if you *still* need more ideas, you should watch iWantTFC’s ‘The Shipper’—it truly is a gift that keeps on giving, especially for all real-life shippers!

Don’t miss out on this new and kilig ship! Download the iWantTFC app now to stream for FREE (for PH subscribers only).