5 LGBTQ Titles That Came Out on iWant

The quarantine may have put a stop to the much-anticipated march, but no pandemic can ever mute the fabulous colors of pride! You see, there are other ways to celebrate Pride Month, like attending online exhibits, joining Zoom sessions, or streaming films and series that tackle issues surrounding the LGBTQ community. In the hopes of raising awareness and fostering empathy, iWant is offering these queer titles for FREE!


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After breaking up with her cheating ex-boyfriend, Jacob (Joross Gamboa), Mitch (Roxanne Barcelo) explores another aspect of her sexuality by dating ladies instead. After several attempts, she eventually crosses paths with George (Ann Colis), an out-and-proud lesbian who challenges Mitch to defy societal boundaries of love. Will she forgive Jacob and give him another chance or will she take a leap of faith and choose George? We’ll leave it up to you to find out!

2 Cool 2 Be 4gotten

5 LGBTQ Titles That Came Out on iWant 2

This coming-of-age film follows the story of Felix (Khalil Ramos), a smart and timid outcast in highschool who lives in post-lahar Angeles City, Pampanga in the late '90s. His life takes a detour when he meets the Snyder brothers, Magnus (Ethan Salvador) and Maxim (Jameson Blake), who just transferred to his school. The brothers ask Felix to help them in school assignments, until a special friendship develops between him and Magnus.

Mga Batang Poz

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Mark Neumann, Paolo Gumabao, Fino Herrera and Awra Briguela star in ‘Mga Batang Poz’, a six-episode series directed by Chris Martinez. It tells the story of four HIV-positive teenagers who try to find solace in friendship as they grapple with stigma. Relevant and timely, the series is a good way to educate parents and kids alike about sex, sexuality, and HIV—misconceptions and all.


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If there’s a mini-series your barkada can definitely relate to, it’s ‘Manilennials’! Catch Missy (Ria Atayde), Yeye (Chai Fonacier), Ruth (Mela Franco Habijan), Art (Nicco Manalo), and Kiko (Fifth Solomon) as they struggle to find their way through misadventures in the crazy Metro! 

One of its notable episodes focuses on Ruth, a career-driven transwoman dealing with multiple accounts of discrimination—an important entry point to stories that are yet to be told.

Ang Dalawang Mrs. Reyes

5 LGBTQ Titles That Came Out on iWant 5

Lianne (Judy Ann Santos) and Cindy (Angelica Panganiban) are living the best of their lives until they find themselves in a sticky situation—discovering their husbands are lovers. The film promises a plot filled with courage and love, with plenty of LOL moments in between!

While we miss that amazing thrill of joining parades, we hope that these titles will fill your screens with awareness, compassion, and rainbows.

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