5 LGBTQ+ Shows on iWant With the Best Kilig Eksenas

Pride Month may be over, but we believe that these kilig-inducing scenes featuring our fave LGBTQ+ characters are worth a closer look. After all, yearning for a dose of kilig in these trying times shouldn’t be so bad. Here are five queer shows on iWant with the cutest eksenas that made us squeal like crazy!


1. 2gether: The Series


5 LGBTQ Shows on iWant With the Best Kilig Eksenas 1When Sarawat taught Tine how to play the guitar


We kid you not—we totally lost it when Sarawat (Bright) delicately positioned Tine’s (Win) fingers on the fretboard. Remember the look in his eyes as he stared into Tine’s? That’s love right there!

2. The Third Party


5 LGBTQ Shows on iWant With the Best Kilig Eksenas 2When Max went to Christian’s house to reconcile


After a huge fight over unmet expectations, Max (Sam Milby) dropped by Christian’s (Zanjoe Marudo) house to patch things up. The moment he stepped in, you could just feel how much they’ve missed each other. Right then and there, they rushed into each other’s arms—no words needed. 


3. Fluid


5 LGBTQ Shows on iWant With the Best Kilig Eksenas 3When Mitch and George had an “enlightening” moment in the dark room


Ironically, it was in the dark room where Mitch's (Roxanne Barcelo) face lit up when George (Ann Colis) said, “You’re more than beautiful, Mitch. You’re kind, loving, funny, and real.” Our hearts fluttered all the more when they sealed the tender moment with a kiss!


4. Baka Bukas


5 LGBTQ Shows on iWant With the Best Kilig Eksenas 4When Alex and Jess took off their masks


A mask is known to be a symbol of concealment. For the longest time, Alex (Jasmine Curtis-Smith) and Jess (Louise delos Reyes) had been hiding their feelings for each other. The moment they removed their masks, you could see how liberating it was for them to finally break free from the shackles of pretense—ready to take a chance on love!

5. In My Life


5 LGBTQ Shows on iWant With the Best Kilig Eksenas 5When Mark and Noel were dancing at the party


In one of their fabulous celebrations, Mark (Luis Manzano) and Noel (John Lloyd Cruz) were seen dancing together. That, in itself, is already a kilig-worthy scene. But the best part, really, is when Shirley cheered them on—a sign of sheer approval from Mark’s mom.

The times may be hard, but hopefully, we were able to serve you some happy vibes with these unforgettable kilig moments, even just for a bit. 

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