5 Lessons We Learned from FPJ’s Movies

In his five-decade long stint in the industry, Fernando Poe, Jr. was able to star in roughly 300 films—spending most of his life honing his craft. And while that alone is impressive, what really makes him phenomenal is the fact that he wrote, directed, and produced some of these films all at the same time! Ultimately, this earned him the title “The King of Philippine Movies”—”Da King” for short.

His roster of films is a testament to his huge contribution to Philippine cinema. But more importantly, it left a mark on his fans’ hearts, letting them carry on the lessons they’ve learned from his films.

Here are some of the nuggets of wisdom FPJ had shared through his movies.

1. Use your strength to serve others.

This is a common theme we see in all of his movies. Be it his family or his townsfolk, he would always muster every ounce of his strength to help and protect the people he loved. 

5 Lessons We Learned from FPJ s Movies 1

2. Treat everyone you encounter with respect.

If you’ve watched ‘Ang Padrino’, you’d notice how his character, Emong, would always acknowledge someone’s presence graciously—regardless of his or her position. He would usually approach people, greet them with, “Magandang hapon po,” and humbly introduce himself. 

5 Lessons We Learned from FPJ s Movies 2

But make no mistake—he was never a pushover! If anyone abused his courteousness, as a gangster would often do, he’d never thought twice about putting him in his place.

3. Real friends stick together till the end.

FPJ’s last work before he plunged into politics is the sports-oriented movie, ‘Pakners’, helmed by Director Tony Y. Reyes. In this film, Da King played Nanding, a jeepney driver who saved Efren Bata Reyes’ character, Manuel, from an unfortunate incident. Later on, they found out that they both shared the same love for something that could potentially make them rich: billiards. And so these unlikely characters teamed up to play at tournaments.

5 Lessons We Learned from FPJ s Movies 3

Win after win, things were finally looking up for them, until Nanding's former promoter, Mr. Carreon (Pocholo Montes), tried to sabotage their biggest game yet. Through it all, Nanding never left Manuel’s side. 

4. Justice should be served at all costs.

“Ang lahat ay hihinto at matatapos kapag ang tao, nabigyan na ng katarungan.” This is just one of the memorable quotes uttered by FPJ's character, Mauro Reyes, in the movie ‘Agila ng Maynila’.

5 Lessons We Learned from FPJ s Movies 4

The story revolves around a former policeman who was forced to take a stand when he exposed the truth behind the corrupt Police Force he served all his life.

5. Be fierce, but be kind.

In ‘Isang Bala Ka Lang Part 2’, Da King played Berting, a retired policeman forced to put a stop to a corrupt politician’s dirty deeds. Yes, the action scenes were great, but the moment of true inspiration came when we witnessed Berting giving his all to save Laila Tolentino (Nanette Medved) from the hands of the wicked congressman. 

5 Lessons We Learned from FPJ s Movies 5

You see, at the end of the day, FPJ’s characters only wanted to do good—for the sake of his family, friends, and fellowmen. May these lessons of courage, respect, kindness, integrity, and friendship inspire us to be better, so that his legacy could live on forever.

For those who haven’t watched ‘Ang Padrino’, ‘Pakners’, ‘Agila ng Maynila’, and ‘Isang Bala Ka Lang Part 2’, you can stream them for FREE on iWantTFC via www.iwanttfc.com or the mobile app!