Kapamilya Teleseryes Friendship Betrayals

Being betrayed to is definitely one of the most painful things that could ever happen to us, especially if it’s someone who we trust or care about so much. Whether it has already happened to us or not, we have surely seen a lot of it in the series and movies that we’ve watched over the years, which arguably left us devastated, upset, and hurt, particularly if the victim of the betrayal is the character that we truly adore.

While we are well aware that everything is just a figment of the creatives’ wild and brilliant imaginations, we still couldn’t help but be mad and be heartbroken when it is the lead character’s best friend who did it (or perhaps the other way around sometimes). Below are just five of the most shocking and shattering friendship betrayals that we’d witnessed in Kapamilya teleseryes through the years.


Rubi, 2010


The Filipino adaptation of the popular 2004 Mexicanovela of the same title that was also broadcast in ABS-CBN, Rubi follows the life of the highly ambitious and pretentious titular character, compellingly portrayed by Angelica Panganiban. Growing up in poverty, she has always dreamt of marrying a wealthy man in order to get out of the slums and to finally afford all her luxuries. And she’s able to get a taste of the good life when she became friends with Maribel (Shaina Magdayao), who is an adopted child of a wealthy couple.

Just when things are going quite okay between them, an unexpected twist in their friendship came after it was revealed that Rubi is the long-lost adopted child of Maribel’s foster parents, as well as when best friends Hector (Diether Ocampo) and Alejandro (Jake Cuenca) entered their lives. In this scene, Rubi alleged Maribel of breaking her and Alejandro up by letting him catch her flirting with Saul (Jon Avila), the most popular varsity basketball player at their school. Rubi firmly believes that Maribel is just being jealous of the fact that it was her who first met Hector and not her, so she assumes that she’s sabotaging whatever relationship she has with Alejandro.


The Legal Wife, 2014


Starring the terrific trio of Angel Locsin, Maja Salvador, and Jericho Rosales, The Legal Wife chronicles the journey of childhood best friends Monica (Angel) and Nicole (Maja) who later on found themselves not only sharing the same father in Dante (Mark Gil), but also the same man to whom they both fall in love with – Adrian (Jericho).

Monica ties the knot with Adrian, but it was not completely a happy marriage at all as the dysfunctional relationship of their families took a toll on them. Thus, Adrian later on gets drawn to his wife’s best friend Nicole and had an illicit affair with her. Finding the love, care, and attention she’d been looking for to every man she got in a relationship with, Nicole got deeply smitten by him and betrayed Monica.

Adrian and Nicole’s forbidden romance eventually got discovered, which led to a series of explosive showdowns and emotional encounters between the two women who once regarded each other as sisters.


Pusong Ligaw, 2017


Another story of two best friends who got torn by love and betrayal, Pusong Ligaw revolves around the lives of Tessa (Beauty Gonzalez) and Marga (Bianca King), who once had a beautiful and solid friendship until Caloy (Joem Bascon) came into their lives. Caloy actually used to be Marga’s beau, but she decided to keep their relationship platonic. However, she suddenly had a change of heart and mind about him when he’s already in a relationship with Tessa.

Her desire to win him back prompted her to take advantage of his jealousy towards Tessa’s mentor Jaime Laurel (Raymond Bagatsing) and fragility to seduce him and challenge his faith in Tessa, which led to them spending the night together after getting drunk. The devastated Tessa caught them and lashed out at them, but instead of apologizing, Marga even pinned the blame on her on why they betrayed her.


Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin, 2020


Starring seasoned Kapamilya thespians Jodi Sta. Maria, Iza Calzado, and Sam Milby, Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin follows the lives of Marissa (Jodi) and Ellice (Iza), who used to be inseparable best friends in their younger years despite the huge difference in their social statuses. Unfortunately, their unbreakable bond got shattered because a crime that claimed the life of a political scion in their town. It was actually Ellice who killed him out of self-defense, but it was Marissa who admitted the crime in exchange of a hefty amount and the promise of Ellice’s dad to immediately bail her out.

But that didn’t happen as Marissa went on to spend years in prison and went through a slew of ordeals before she was granted parole. Thus, she vowed to exact revenge at Ellice by taking everything that’s important to her, such as their family business and her husband Gabriel (Sam). Marissa indeed succeeded at some point in her vengeful scheme as she’s able to acquire the biggest share in her company and even got herself pregnant by Gabriel.

And these were what Ellice furiously reminded Marissa in their heated confrontation during an event of Cenidoza Pearls, wherein Marissa got upset that Ellice didn’t give her credit for everything that she’d done for the occasion. Ellice told Marissa that she has the right to do so since the business is hers after all and she’s just her subordinate.


Mars Ravelo’s Darna, 2022


It is said that once we’ve found people who can unconditionally love and care for us, we must keep them. Sadly, it isn’t the case for our beloved “DarLentina,” the ship name coined by fans for the tandem of Jane de Leon and Janella Salvador, as Regina (Janella) continues to push away Narda (Jane) despite the latter expressing how much she loves her and how willing she is to do everything just for her to stop transforming into the notorious Valentina.

Instead of showing appreciation to Narda or reciprocating the love and care she poured onto her, Regina even mustered to transform into Valentina and let some of her slick and venomous friends bit her repeatedly.