5 FPJ Movie Characters With Pinoy Traits We Can Be Proud Of

A Filipino. A father. A husband. Throughout decades, Fernando Poe Jr. had played different roles--both on-screen and in real life. He definitely made his mark not only in the entertainment industry, but also among our countrymen.

As his birth month comes to an end, we continue to remember him and his works that have become part of our culture. Here are some of FPJ’s most memorable movie roles that highlight Filipino traits we can truly be proud of!

Cardo de Leon (Ang Probinsyano). At this day and age, who doesn’t even know FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano? It’s a classic story about a brave and fearless bida, Cardo, who’s willing to do anything (and everything!) for his loved ones--a trait many of us can definitely relate to!

Badong (Isusumbong Kita sa Tatay Ko). Isusumbong Kita sa Tatay Ko zooms in on the life of FPJ’s Badong and his daughter, Joey, played by Judy Ann Santos. In the story, Badong showed us that he--just like many Filipino fathers--is one tough tatay with a soft heart for his anak!

Berting (Isang Bala Ka Lang). Poe’s Isang Bala Ka Lang revolves around Berting, an ex-convict cop who fights tooth and nail to get justice served. He demonstrates a Pinoy’s tibay at lakas ng loob in situations where it’s probably more convenient to just turn a blind eye.

Roman (Roman Rapido). In the film Roman Rapido, the protagonist Roman (Poe) shows us the true meaning of bravery and heroism during the Japanese invasion and the post-Japanese era--that’s an act of patriotism if you ask us!

Flavio (Ang Panday). A fan favorite, FPJ’s Ang Panday tells the story of Flavio, a noble blacksmith who creates a dagger out of a magical meteor and uses it to set his town folks free. Not only is he great at his craft; he also exemplifies great courage--para sa bayan.

He may have played a lot of memorable roles, but there’s one that definitely stands out: FPJ as himself. With a legacy like his, there’s no doubt that the characters he gave life to will stand the test of time. He’s not called Da King for nothing!

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