5 Co-MANDO-ments Of Young Love

At this time and age, it’s so easy to get lost in the world of love and kilig--the attention, the good morning texts, the “hatid na kita” offers. But mga Paps, let’s be real: it’s not always like that. Sometimes, you end up getting seenzoned, disappointed, and trapped in a one-sided love affair. 

We know it can get confusing, if not overwhelming. So, if you need some notes in that subject area, here are some lessons on young love we can all learn from the iWantTFC series, Oh, Mando, which instantly captured the hearts of boys’ love and casual fans alike!

Co-MANDO-ment #1: Para iwas hopia, ‘wag maging ~assumptionista~.

Don’t set yourself up for disappointment, sis. Always manage your expectations and of course, landi responsibly! Because who knows, they might just turn out to be another Paps Charming na magaling lang magpa-yummy at magpa-fall.

5 Co MANDO ments Of Young Love 1

Co-MANDO-ment #2: Oh, Mando! Oh, Mando! Break down your walls!

Sabi nga ni Krisha, “it doesn’t feel real!” In love, you have to learn how to break down your walls and let people in. Be honest with yourself and don’t be afraid to show the whole world—the University belt, rather—your true feelings!

5 Co MANDO ments Of Young Love 2

Co-MANDO-ment #3: ‘Pag may gusto, i-Rachelle Ann Go!

Don’t let anything or anyone stop you from doing what makes you happy, especially if it’s something (or someone!) you’ve always wanted and dreamed of. Go for it and grow from it!

5 Co MANDO ments Of Young Love 3

Co-MANDO-ment #4: Kahit ano’ng mangyari, BAWAL MAGKALAT.

When you’re hurt, it’s okay to be sad and to cry and to eat your heart out. Gawin mo na ang lahat, but don’t ever (EVER) make kalat. Itapon na ang dapat itapon, keep the things that spark joy, and start anew!

5 Co MANDO ments Of Young Love 4

Co-MANDO-ment #5: Follow your heart.

While it’s important to use your head, you should also listen to what your heart is telling you. Find the perfect balance and believe that it’ll bring you to the right one—someone you can be your truest self with!

5 Co MANDO ments Of Young Love 5

Love isn’t a walk in the park, but it sure is worth it once you find what you ultimately deserve. And as you go through this journey like Mando, don’t forget to give yourself the same love you’re willing to give; because it is in embracing who you are and loving yourself that you can truly experience the beauty of it!

O ‘di ba? After just a few episodes, we have already learned so much! If you want to get some more notes—or if you’re just in the mood to watch a feel-good romcom series—watch out for new episodes of “Oh, Mando” on iWantTFC every Thursday at 9PM (PH time). Download the app today and subscribe to Standard or Premium para pwede kang manood nang pa-juliet-juliet!