Know Feng Shui basics from Master Hanz

Know Feng Shui basics from Master Hanz 1


Umagang Kay Ganda’s” Chinese astrology expert Master Hanz Cua invites readers to learn more about the art of feng shui through his book “Feng Shui 101.”


“Contrary to what many think, feng shui is not a form of fortune telling. We use measurement, direction, and colors to understand and to guide people in making decisions,” shared the feng shui master in his book published by ABS-CBN Publishing.


Feng Shui 101” uncovers ways to invite positive chi or energy into homes, offices, or business. From home decorating, to preparing strategies to seal a business deal, the book divulges practical tips to achieve certain goals and reveals simple ways to eliminate bad vibes with cleansing and using secret cures.


Aside from the Feng Shui manual, readers may also check out Master Hanz’s “Chinese Astrology 2018” book, also published by ABS-CBN Publishing.


It contains forecast for the Year of the Earth Dog as well as monthly prediction about career, money, love, and relationships based on the Chinese zodiac 12 animal signs. It also includes lucky colors, charms, and suggested ways to achieve this year’s potential in full.


Master Hanz had a tour for his 2018 book collection and also offered free consultation to his guests last Wednesday held at Zen Institute in Quezon City.


He studied feng shui disciplines in Malaysia, Singapore, China, Hong Kong and in other parts of the world. Aside from being an author and host, he also gives trainings and seminars on tarot card reading, palm and face reading, space cleaning, meditation classes, and many more. He received the “Seal of Excellence Award” for his feng shui skills in 2016.