This Is How Liza Soberano Expressed Her True Feelings To Someone Special!

They say actions speak louder than words. But there are just some things that demand to be said. If you fear rejection or you’re not the expressive type, confessing deep emotions—love, extreme happiness, sadness, or regret—may not be easy. But nothing’s more difficult than being haunted by the ‘what if’ and ‘what could’ve been’ of a relationship. We think the season of love is the best time to say what’s in your heart!

Confess love to your crush, apologize to a friend, thank a family member, or propose to your long-time partner. Muster up the courage and just #SayItWithCadbury—like what Liza Soberano and her admirer did!

If Liza Soberano chose to express her true feelings (in the sweetest way possible), so should you! Cadbury Dairy Milk’s limited edition Valentine sleeve has a heart-shaped note where you can simply write down personal messages for your loved ones. So this Valentine’s, grab the opportunity to say the words you’ve always wanted to say. Don’t just keep it to yourself and #SayItWithCadbury!