Straight from the Fans: Top 4 Things That Make Liza The Most Beautiful Star


This is perhaps the adjective most commonly used by many to describe Liza Soberano. And it’s not hard to see why. It has come to a point that it’s almost cliché to say just how beautiful the young actress is. In fact, it’s recently been said that Liza is the most beautiful actress. We asked fans on Twitter to answer the question: What makes Liza the most beautiful star? 

1.    Her effortless style. 

They can’t get enough of her glam looks!



Not everyone can look fab on just about everything, but Liza makes almost anything and everything work for her. And fans love that about her!



Even international media outlets are fans of her chic style!



2.    Her killer smile.

There’s something about Liza’s smile that sets her apart from the rest.



It turns her appeal up a notch.



Liza’s killer smile gives life to her fans!



3.    Her inspiring confidence. 


Liza’s confidence is what makes her shine.



She believes in what she says, and she says it with conviction.



Liza’s confidence has proved to be an inspiration to her fans.




4.    Wait, even her underarms? Liza is #KiliKiliGoals!


Liza’s fans can’t help but pay attention to her “magandang kili-kili!”




Many say Liza is perfect from head to toe, and that includes her underarms!




Liza’s underarms are the definition of #KiliKiliGoals because she uses a Deodorant that keeps her underarms drier, fresher and whiter!—Rexona Powder Dry Plus Whitening. Use every day so you won’t have to worry about sweat, odor, and darkening! Get the confidence to flaunt your underarms like Liza Soberano does and achieve your #KiliKiliGoals!


Straight from the Fans Top 4 Things That Make Liza The Most Beautiful Star 1


How about you? What makes Liza Soberano attractive or beautiful in your eyes? Let us know in the comments!