Yassi Pressman's Travel Photos Will Fuel Your Wanderlust

Yassi Pressman s Travel Photos Will Fuel Your Wanderlust 1


Hit the road, turn up the music, get lost in the beauty of the world—and share some #TravelGoals moments on your feed! Just take a cue from Yassi Pressman as she indulges her wanderlust on Instagram: From braving one buwis-buhay rollercoaster ride in Hongkong, walking across the iconic Shibuya Crossing, to posting a breathtaking view of the Safari Desert in Dubai, this Kapamilya actress will inspire you to spend your VLs— and bonuses—wisely on memorable travel experiences. So keep scrolling to see her travel photos below; these are exactly what you need to level up your sense of adventure!



Just kickin’ it in Pisa 😉 #ITALY ~ roaming around was a PISAcake #justforPUN

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Yassi’s (literally) up for some kick-ass, Insta-love-worthy photo in Pisa, Italy!


The ~mandatory~ photo at the famous Shibuya Crossing in Japan? YES, PLEASE!


Stunning view and an equally stunning lady? This photo deserves countless double-taps on IG!


Surfing lessons with Yassi as your coach? We’re sooo game for that!



90 degrees.. Kapit lang 🙈

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Need an inspo to #KapitLang when life gets a little tough? Yassi’s Mount Pamitinan adventure might do the trick.



Hiiii Panda Bear || #TravelWithAccess @AccessTravelPh

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And when you just need an extra dose of happiness in life, a fun encounter with Pandas is exactly what you need. See Yassi’s fangirling moment over these cuties!


Yassi is serving some beach babe vibe—with totally enviable, flawless underarms!


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