Behind the Voices: An Interview with The Voice Teens’ Jeremy Glinoga and Isabela Vinzon
Behind the Voices An Interview with The Voice Teens Jeremy Glinoga and Isabela Vinzon 1

The Voice Teens finalists Jeremy Glinoga and Isabela Vinzon talk about how they spend their free time, aspirations, and surprising qualities in this fun chat with Inigo Pascual! #SunLifePangarapDiaries

It’s time for the grand finale! But before crowning the first ever The Voice Teens Grand Champion, the Final Four found the time to sit down and have a fun chat with Sun Life Financial Ambassador Inigo Pascual. Read the excerpts from their interviews with Inigo below to get to know more about the people behind the voices. In this installment, Team Sharon’s Jeremy Glinoga and Kamp Kawayan’s Isabela Vinzon talk about their hobbies, favorite artists, what gift they want right now, college courses, and more!

Iñigo: Have you always wanted to be a singer?

Jeremy: Yes, ever since I was five years old. It’s what I love to do. As a child, I enjoyed singing for my family.

Isabela: Mas una kong pinasok yung acting and dancing, but it didn’t take long for me to fall in love with singing. My passion for it started when I joined a contest. Performing arts po talaga ang hilig ko.  

Iñigo: Aside from singing, what are your hobbies?

Jeremy: I love basketball! If not a singer, I want to be a basketball player. Before the competition, I played every day. Now, I only get to play every couple of days. Isabela: Playing the piano and creating songs on the spot! I sometimes record these impromptu songs.  

Iñigo: What’s one thing about you that would surprise others?

Jeremy: I’m really hyper, just naturally hyper—no need for sugar! And I like making new friends; I like catching up with friends.

Isabela: A lot of people think I’m a rakista. I prefer slow songs, but ever since Coach Bamboo encouraged me to try out faster tunes, I’m learning to be more like him.

Behind the Voices An Interview with The Voice Teens Jeremy Glinoga and Isabela Vinzon 2

Iñigo: If you have the chance to get any gift you want right now, what would you choose?

Jeremy: Since I’m a sneakerhead, shoes! I’d want different pairs for different occasions—casual, dress-up, trainers, running shoes, lahat!

Isabela: Any large car that can carry our family of six—basta kasya kaming lahat!  

Iñigo: Who’s the most important person in your life?

Jeremy: My mom. Because she sacrificed a lot to support me, to help me. She does everything.

Isabela: Maka-mama po ako. Idol ko siya since kaya niyang gawin lahat.  

Iñigo: What are you going to do in order to achieve your dreams?

Jeremy: Hard work, discipline, then just keep reminding myself to keep my head on the ground.

Isabela: Ignore the negativity and just keep following my dreams.  

Iñigo: Yes, just keep working hard and focus on the positives. Don’t be scared. Live in the moment. And no matter what happens in the competition, never give up on your dreams, Jeremy and Isabela! Best of luck to both of you—galingan nyo sa grand finals!

Behind the Voices An Interview with The Voice Teens Jeremy Glinoga and Isabela Vinzon 3

Team Sharon grand finalist, Jeremy, together with Christy, Alessandra and Iñigo

Behind the Voices An Interview with The Voice Teens Jeremy Glinoga and Isabela Vinzon 4

Grand finalist, Isabela, bonds with Iñigo and other artists Team Bamboo, Emarjhun and Queenie.

In the interview, we got to know more about the desires and ambitions of Jeremy and Isabela. The talented hopefuls may have different aspirations in life; but basically, they yearn for a better and brighter future. . That’s why, Sun Life, the first and longest-standing insurer in the Philippines, will award the new The Voice Teens Grand Champion with P2 Million worth of life insurance with the chosen MyFuture Fund, helping the grand winner’s dreams turn into reality.   

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