Kapamilya Poll: Odessa is most irritating character in Araw Gabi


Precious Hearts Romances Presents Araw Gabi continues to grip viewers with its intense and thrilling narrative every afternoon.


What’s even more impressive about the show is how its remarkable characters make an incredible impact on the audience, particularly Mich (Barbie Imperial) and Adrian (JM de Guzman), whose mysterious yet fascinating tales keep viewers glued.


But yet, there are those characters who succeed in annoying and infuriating viewers in each frame they appear in. Such villains in Precious Hearts Romances Presents Araw Gabi are certainly effective in making life difficult for our lead stars on screen, as they leave the audience fuming.


In the recent Kapamilya Poll, we asked netizens who among the teleserye’s villains, Tanya (Phoebe Walker), Franco (Victor Silayan), Odesssa (Rita Avila), or Celestina (Vina Morales), irritates them the most.



A majority of respondents (51.58%) picked Odessa as the most irritating one. Her obvious hand in the troubles besetting her unwitting son Adrian and her opposition to his relationship with Mich, whose tragic past seems partly her doing have become all too clear to the show’s loyal viewers. Of course, her being devious and two-faced is something anyone would abhor.


A close second is Tanya (43.43%), who is understandably hated for becoming a hindrance to Adrian and Mich’s romance.


At third is Franco (3.49%), who is also a discernable anti-hero from the start, with actions such as a rape attempt on Mich clearly objectionable and vicious.


But a surprise last placer is Celestina (with only 1.50%), who is the primary kontrabida in the afternoon drama. Netizens may still have to accept that Vina Morales, who rarely portrays antagonist roles, is playing the villain.


Having such colorful and provocative characters make Precious Hearts Romances Presents Araw Gabi an even more compelling, must-watch drama that airs weekdays after Asintado on Kapamilya Gold.