Seven reasons to take a trip to Siargao

Still hoping to go on a beach getaway before summer ends? If you’ve been eyeing Siargao, look no more. Here are seven things you can do in the beautiful island famously known as the surfing capital of the Philippines.




1. Surfing on Cloud 9

Don’t let a trip to Siargao pass without surfing the waves at Cloud 9, or at least just watching the pros glide through the powerful waves. It gained popularity among local and foreign surfers who have been trooping to the island since before any commercial resorts were built.



2. Cliff/rock diving in Magpupungko

Head to Magpupungko beach for a stretch of creamy, smooth sand, unusual rock formations, and natural saltwater pools reminiscent of infinity pools. The famously unusual rock formations also function as cliff diving spots that give you that adrenaline rush without provoking a fear of heights. Make sure to ask the locals where the safe spots are!



3. Paddle Board on Sugba Lagoon

Head to the quiet Sugba Lagoon for a paddle boarding and free-diving experience that’s also incredibly photo-op-worthy. Test your fear of heights and jump off a narrow plank into the pristine waters below, or even go snorkeling among the reefs nearby. The lagoon boasts calmer waters as beautiful rock formations and mangroves in the Del Carmen area of Siargao surround it.



4. Rent a motorcycle to go around the island

If Boracay has tricycles, Siargao has its motorcycles. Go on a mini adventure and hop on the locals’ transportation of choice. Feel the wind in your hair (and take fun photos, while you’re at it), and relish the lack of pollution and traffic as you explore what the island has to offer. You might even find yourself a soulmate.

5. Hop on an tropical party boat

Who needs a fancy yacht when you can go on a Galatea cruise around Siargao? Take a trip by the edge of the Pacific Ocean in a paraw, and visit breathtaking islands Mam-on, Janoza, Daku, Naked, and Guyam, or visit the famous Sohoton Cove, while snorkeling in between. End the day with a grill out of fresh seafood caught during your trip for a magnificent sunset you won’t see anywhere else.

6. Cleanse your mind and body with Yoga and “whole” foods

Did you know that Siargao is also a cult-favorite among yogis and fans of wholesome living? Many resorts offer yoga classes and retreats all year round (there are quite a number of residents who moved there from big cities here and abroad), with wholesome restaurants aplenty. Go to Lotus Shores or Sadhana Siargao for a yoga class or two, then go for smoothie bowls at Shaka Café afterwards you’ll be amazed at their selection of dairy-free, gluten-free, and meat-free options.


7. Go solo and have an “Eat Pray Love” moment

Make like Erich Gonzales in the movie “Siargao” and head to the beautiful island to get your much-needed break from stress, real life, or even heartbreak. Ditch your social media accounts for a while and enjoy the time away from the city. If you need some more convincing, watch the movie (which co-stars Jericho Rosales and Jasmine Curtis Smith) this weekend, April 28 to 29, on ABS-CBN TVplus’ KBO to see a glimpse of what the island has to offer. Text KBO30 APR28 <TVplus box ID> send to 2366, open to all networks, to subscribe and watch.