Green is in at Resorts World Manila’s Matcha Festival
Green is in at Resorts World Manila s Matcha Festival 1

Resorts World Manila is hosting the country’s first Matcha Festival with a culinary world tour of matcha-inspired and infused dishes.

For the whole month of September, RWM signature restaurants and select Newport Mall dining establishments will put a matcha spin on classic recipes, guaranteed to thrill everyone’s taste buds. Guests and diners can get their matcha fix from Impressions, Ginzadon, Prosperity Court, Café Maxims, and Franks, as well as popular restaurants like Café Creole, UCC, TWG, Kettle, and many others.

Café Maxims presents a refreshingly sweet alternative to its classic pan de sal and coffee breakfast combination with the Perfect Matcha set. Diners can sink their teeth into crisp, buttery croissants to reveal fluffy green tea-infused layers, sweetened with a core of dark chocolate and almond flakes, finished off with a frothy cup of matcha latte.

Quintessentially European desserts are given a dash of Asian exoticism at Impressions with the Matcha Overload set. The complementary textures of gelato, cannele, kouignette, and macarons are given an additional layer of sophistication by the distinctively earthy taste of matcha.

Franks, RWM’s signature sports bar, proves that matcha isn’t just for desserts. The matchadog transforms a classic childhood snack into a perfectly balanced symphony of flavors. Franks’ Inasal Sausage is topped with matcha dressing, wasabi, strips of nori, and fresh, crisp vegetables, and wrapped in a soft, warm hotdog bun.

Ginzadon’s Deep-Fried Matcha Ice Cream is the perfect ending to an authentic Japanese meal. Lightly sweet matcha ice cream is coated by crunchy, deep-fried bread for a thrillingly refreshing treat. The Matcha Crumbles at Prosperity Court are little bites of bittersweet cookies that go perfectly with a cup of latte.

“At RWM, our goal is to thrill our guests in every possible way, and one way to do this is through the joy of food,” Chef Cyrille Soenen, RWM Director for Culinary Arts said. “We pay attention to what the world wants and craves, work to elevate it, and serve it to them on a silver platter. Matcha has managed to captivate a global following with its distinctive look and flavor. As a chef, I am happy to work with this surprisingly versatile ingredient, and provide new depths and color to classic dishes.”

Recognizing that matcha’s appeal goes beyond its flavor, a Matcha Art Exhibit will showcase examples from around the world on how a dusting of green matcha magic can make the delicious also beautiful.

The Matcha Weekend Market at the RWM Plaza will provide diners and shoppers with the chance to enjoy matcha-based goodies on-the-go and at home.

For inquiries and reservations, contact Tourist/Visitor Hotline at (02) 908-8833 or visit for more details.