Four Secure Ways to Show Tamang Pagmamahal to your Growing Child!

“Mabilis lumaki ang mga bata.” How true is this saying for you? As a mom, the stress and challenges brought about by childrearing can make you wish that your kids would grow up faster. But they won’t be your little bundle of joy forever. How can you show your children tamang pagmamahal while they’re still young? Here are four ways!

Tamang suporta

Whatever or whoever your kids want to be, assure them that you’ll always be there to support them. If they want to be a pilot, buy them toy planes. If they want to be a writer, give them pens and sheets of paper. If they want to be a singer, treat them to videoke sessions. Making your support felt could mean the world to your little ones.

Tamang pasensya

Kids will make countless mistakes. They’ll pester you with endless questions about the world and its wonders. They’ll be stubborn and cranky at times. But no matter how kulit they are, try to keep your cool. Give them chances to make up for their faults. It’s important for them to grow up knowing that you won’t hate them for their flaws.

Tamang responsibilidad

Just because you want to show them your unconditional love, doesn’t mean you have to spoil them 24/7. Ask them to perform simple chores like putting away their toys, making their beds, watering the plants, or feeding your pets. This can help them become more responsible adults.

Tamang alaga

What could be more satisfying than seeing your children healthy and happy? Make sure you give them the best nutrition—that means lots of fruits and vegetables. But if their picky taste buds are a problem, you can always rely on over-the-counter multivitamins that can provide tamang lusog for children.

Why don’t you give your kids Propan TLC? It contains Lysine for a healthier appetite, Taurine for mental health development and Chlorella for maximum growth potential. Plus, it has the right amount of Vitamins C, D, A and Riboflavin that growing children need. With Propan TLC’s tamang nutrisyon, your kids are surely in good hands.

While your kids are young, give them tamang pagmamahal. Many years from now, they will remember how well you cared for them—and they will thank you for it.