3 Non-Social Media Ways To Connect With Your Loved Ones


When was the last time you heard this word personally? Not through chats, texts, or social media shout-outs from your best buds turned online BFFs. We’re not gonna judge you if it’s been a while. Because honestly, almost everyone gets in touch through the digital world nowadays..

But should we? 

Don’t get us wrong. We love social media. Some even make a living out of it. (Like us, actually). Not to mention it also allows us to make long distance relationships work. Still, we should learn to balance everything. Perhaps, these non-social media ways to connect with our loved ones can do the trick. 

Travel together. Remember those group chats you specifically made for your supposed out of town trips? How many times have you ‘seenzoned’ each other? Or canceled plans at the last minute because ‘something just came up’? You and your pals should never settle for ‘next time na lang’. So pull out all the stops to make it happen. 

Iba pa rin ‘pag lumabas ka. So, pick a destination. Hop into the car or on the plane, and experience an adventure of a lifetime. And save those #TravelGoals posts for later. Just enjoy the whole trip and make amazing memories with your friends--the kind of memories that you can save in your heart, not on your phone.

Go on a date. Coffee date. Shopping date. Picnic date. Hiking date. Or whatever kind of date that suits your fancy. As long as it requires you to talk--not stalk each other online just to stay updated about each other’s whereabouts.


Call us old fashioned, but we prefer real hugs and kisses over ‘XOXOs’ and heart emojis. Your long posts telling the whole online world how much you love and miss someone is very much appreciated. But make time to say it in person, too. Relationships are built on real connections. Something you can strengthen through effort, constant communication, and crazy-fun experiences.

Party the night away. Pulling an all-nighter to catch up with your fave series is fun. But doing it to catch up with your barkada? That’s a whole new level of awesome! Hindi ka mangga para iburo. Get out there and celebrate--preferably with your cell phones off and a bottle of San Miguel beer in hand to make great (and lol-worthy) conversations. Because sometimes, a 15-second IG story or a 280 character post isn’t enough to know someone’s story.



Mag-ingay. Magpakita. Magpasikat. Labas sa lungga mo. Don’t be strangers with your friends. And make sure your relationship doesn’t end as soon as you sign off from social media. This trending video from San Miguel beer serves as a serious eye-opener on how our relationship works in the digital age. Check it out and be inspired to make connections--even if you’re offline.


We honestly hope that this time, you’ll hear it personally from someone you love.