JUST FOR FUN: Daniel Padilla is netizens’ fantasy choice as Spiderman in fun poll

JUST FOR FUN Daniel Padilla is netizens fantasy choice as Spiderman in fun poll 1

This web-slinging superhero has been at the top of our minds ever since.

Especially when he joined this mighty band of all-powerful beings a few years ago as a surprise entrant in Captain America: Civil War.

Now, the latest incarnation of Spiderman in Avengers: Infinity War not only leaves us awestruck with his agility, flexibility, and strength, but also render us breathless with his inescapable boyhood charm as Peter Parker, portrayed by Tom Holland.

Amid his swashbuckling and insane moves across all corners of the screen, we laugh at his innocent banter and witty one-liners making the friendly neighborhood, boy-next-door web crawler relatable and identifiable to all who watch him.

As we witness his entertaining yet entrancing stance, we can’t help but conjure up thoughts about a perfect Kapamilya actor who could also fit the role.

Out of fun, we posted a survey on ABS-CBN Official Facebook Page and asked netizens who among Daniel Padilla, James Reid and Joshua Garcia could also don the Spidey suit in their fantasies.

It was a close race between the three.

But Daniel Padilla emerged the top fantasy pick to become slinging, crawling and swinging superhero because some commenters believe his down-to-earth, level-headed attitude, his sense of humor, boyish charm, and physical attributes closely resemble the character.

James Reid was a very close second with his impeccable appeal quite perfect for such a grand superhero role. And Joshua Garcia rounds up the choices as a respectable third-placer, having got the talent and the looks to pull it off.