Watch what happens when Mr. Fu challenges strangers to win P1,000

What would you do if a random encounter would allow you to win some money? Radio DJ and comedian Mr. Fu challenges strangers in “Roleta ng Fortune” on  Watch what happens when strangers try to nab an “easy” P1,000… or so they think.

1. Shave Kili-kili Challenge

Mr. Fu challenges a stranger to shave his armpits to win the money. Plot twist—he has to get two random women to agree to shave his armpits for him. Will he jump at the chance or will shyness get the best of him?


2. The Siling Labuyo Challenge

A girl’s charms get tested when Mr. Fu challenges her to a challenge that involves eating siling labuyo. Will she be able to convince five men to eat five siling labuyo each?


3. The Pera sa Palayok Challenge

A student gets a chance at extra allowance…IF he tries to fish for coins in a palayok using his mouth. Will he find it too difficult and walk away or step up?


4. Band-aid sa Dilim challenge

Mr. Fu challenges a young engineer to take some band-aids off of two young men, but blindfolded and only using her mouth. Will she find it too gross and pass on the money or take the challenge?


5. Tigas Mukha Challenge

A police officer gets challenged to eat a hotdog, but only after breaking through a cling-wrap frame—using just his face. Will he be able to break through and eat the hotdog on time?


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