Rainbow-colored Coke labels let you wear your pride


On a day that labels don’t matter, Coca-Cola made theirs matter even more.



In celebration of Pride Month, Coca-Cola joins the LGBTQIA+ communities around the country as they advocate for diversity and inclusivity by turning bottle labels into wearables, and not just any wearables — the bottle labels turn into Pride wristbands that people of all genders can wear loud and proud, in support of the LGBTQIA+.







The Coca-Cola rainbow-colored labels are the beverage brand’s way of being one with the community in the promotion of diversity, equality, and inclusivity – not just among the members of the LGBTQIA+ community – but in the country. The labels enable their consumers to take part in showcasing Pride on a day when labels do not matter.



Coca-Cola worked around the concept of having just one day to celebrate pride and turned one part of the Coke bottle into something people can wear. The rainbow is used as it is the most widely recognized LGBTQIA+ symbol all over the world.



Diversity and inclusivity have always been at the heart of Coca-Cola for over 100 years. This is reflected in the way they do their business, and in how they develop their policies, marketing campaigns, and sustainability initiatives. With this simple change in label, Coca-Cola continues to share the aspiration of the Philippine LGBTQIA+ community for a more open, progressive, and accepting society.