Direk Cathy: The Genius of Love


Direk Cathy The Genius of Love 1


The woman who knows love more than anyone—director Cathy Garcia-Molina has produced some of the most iconic romance blockbusters. She has worked with the biggest love teams in the country, from John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo to Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla. She can tell whether the emotions are believable or not. She knows how to tickle the hearts of any generation. And most importantly, her works are always relatable for Filipinos.


What’s the secret to her success? And we’re taking fans behind the camera to reveal the unfiltered thoughts of the renowned director while shooting “My Perfect You” starring the new tandem of Gerald Anderson and 2015 Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach. 


Episode 1: Facing Firsts



They say that first impressions always last. But for Direk Cathy it’s all about breaking expectations. She admitted that she didn’t think Pia was beautiful nor was Gerald handsome when they first met. She also expected that working with the two would be a challenge because this was their first time working together.
Pia had no acting experience, apart from the commercials she has done. With some proper guidance, Direk Cathy praised her for having the qualities of Tony Gonzaga, Sarah Geronimo and Angel Locsin combined. She also realized that Gerald was in fact handsome, thanks to his beautiful eyes that managed to stand out despite his untamed hair. “Mas masaya talaga to work with something that is not so good, until you see them grow and become better,” said Direk Cathy as she commented on the growth of the two leads.


Episode 2: Good Days, Bad Days



Direk Cathy is not easily rattled. On their 8th day on set, a small fire broke out but she had complete trust in her staff to control the situation. Gerald wore slippers in four of his scenes when he shouldn’t be. They didn’t have the time to re-shoot them all. So, she came up with the idea of adding an extra scene. She couldn’t get the shot she wanted from Pia. But she was patient and showed her how to do it until she was happy. “May araw talagang off day. That happens naman with senior actors and more veteran actors,” direk Cathy explained with a cool head after an exhausting day.


Episode 3: Tamis ng Unang Kilig



Chemistry is everything to bring out the kilig, and that’s something even Direk Cathy can’t control. It’s all up to the actors and how well they can get along. Luckily, they were very willing and they share the same passion. Pia expressed how thankful she was to be working with Gerald because of how supportive he was. Gerald also admired the beauty queen for always being game. Seeing them work together, especially during their first romantic scene, Direk Cathy ended on a positive note, “You cannot create chemistry. It is something that just comes out”.