4 Memorable TV Siblings 2
Ina, Kapatid, Anak’s Celyn and Margaux

A story of best friends who turned out to be twin sisters, Kim Chiu and Maja Salvador played the roles of Celyn and Margaux. Celyn and Margaux used to be the best of friends but after an incident wherein Margaux was convinced that Celyn betrayed her, she started to see her former best friend as her rival. Things between them worsen after they learned that they are actually twins. Nonetheless, they later teamed up after their parents’ lives were put in danger.

Bridges of Love’s Gael and Carlos
The 2015 teleserye Bridges of Love mainly revolved around the lives of brothers, Gael (played by Jericho Rosales) and Carlos (played by Paulo Avelino) who have been separated at birth and grew up having ill feelings towards the other. Not knowing that they are brothers, they grew up and competed for the affection of Mia (played by Maja Salvador). Carlos’ ill feelings towards Gael only worsened after he found out that he is the brother who left him a long time ago. The two reconciled, nonetheless, with Carlos marrying Mia in the end.