4 Memorable TV Siblings 1

4 Memorable TV Siblings 1 1

Premiering on December 7, Monday, And I Love You So is a drama series that will center on the struggles of family life.

It will star young actresses Miles Ocampo and Julia Barretto, playing Joanne and Trixie respectively, who begin as school rivals and later on they will discover that they are half-sisters.
Joanne and Trixie will definitely make Kapamilya Gold interesting, like the other siblings that became instant hits to TV viewers.

   Tayong Dalawa’s JR and Dave

Launched in 2009, Tayong Dalawa told the story of childhood friends JR (played by Gerald Anderson) and Dave (played by Jake Cuenca). Although their families tried to keep them apart, the two maintained their friendship and even entered a military academy together where their unspoken competition only worsened.
The two later found out that they are actually fraternal twins but they are now both in love with the same girl, Audrey (played by Kim Chiu). In the end, the brothers decided to put aside their differences and team up against their enemies.

Magkaribal’s Anna and Angela

This 2010 teleserye revolved around the story of siblings who tragedy separated at an early age. Anna (Gretchen Barretto) and Angela (Bea Alonzo,) will grow up apart, only to become each other’s rival in the fashion industry. Unknown to them is the fact that they are long-lost sisters.
Also part of the teleserye is Angel Aquino, who played the role of Vera, their father’s mistress and another big name in the fashion industry.