PAANDAR 2017: 10 Most Viewed Kapamilya Videos on YouTube


A lot has happened in 2017, and it was really comparable to a crazy roller coaster ride. But one thing's for sure, we were very much hooked on videos from our Kapamilya programs that were uploaded to the ABS-CBN Entertainment YouTube channel, with a single video reaching millions of views.


Here’s the countdown of this year’s ten most talked about, most viewed viral videos we all shrieked, screamed and laughed like crazy watching again and again on YouTube.


10. It's Showtime Funny One: Donna Cariaga: 4,405,429 views



It was truly a love at first sight. By just hearing her cringe-worthy skit about her failed relationship with former flame James. However, the whole thing is just a product of her imagination and the experiences of the people around her because she actually has a blooming relationship.


9. Doble Kara: Becca defends Hanna: 4,439,791 views



The netizens were very astounded with the performances of the child stars who play the characters of Julia Montes in the defunct afternoon series Doble Kara. In this scene, Becca courageously stood up for her adopted sister Hanna after she was called "ampon" by their schoolmates.


8. Tawag ng Tanghalan Kids: Lorraine sings her own version of "Ikaw": 4,813,448 views



Ever since Yeng Constantino released the hit "Ikaw", it has been a wedding or love anthem of the Filipinos. But Tawag ng Tanghalan Kids daily contender Lorraine performed her heartwarming rendition of the song, which was arranged by her father.


7. GGV: Vice Ganda becomes emotional with Kaye Cal & Moira dela Torre's song: 5,087,038 views



6. It's Showtime: Bebe boy contestant is shocked to see his ex in the audience: 5,222,206 views



What if you bumped into your ex in an unexpected place and time? Well, Dancing in Tandem contestant Kym Vergara experienced this awkward moment when surprisingly, his former girlfriend was one of the madlang people. The hosts certainly didn't let this opportunity to simply pass by without quizzing them about their shortlived affair.


5. It's Showtime Funny One: Donna Cariaga (Semifinals): 5,692,480 views



And the #KomikerangTulala made it to the semifinals! This time, she imparted the measures she did in order to move on from James and some of their hilarious memories together.


4. GGV: Impromptu 'hugot' songs with Kaye Cal and Moira dela Torre: 5,754,911 views



GGV is known for spreading good vibes and joy to the audiences every Sunday night. However, this episode was definitely different as Vice Ganda's impromptu composition entitled "Kaya Ko Nang Wala Ka" with guests Kaye Cal and Moira made us all tear up.


3. It's Showtime Funny One: Donna Cariaga (Grand Finals): 7,632,183 views



In her grand finals stint, Donna sought the help of the Madlang People and the lyrics of various songs for her anticipated meeting with James. This performance absolutely captured our hearts, gaining her the distinction of being the second Funny One Grand Winner.


2. Tawag ng Tanghalan: Noven Belleza (Final 3 Performance): 7,730,181 views



Tawag ng Tanghalan's first-ever ultimate champion Noven Belleza proved to everyone that he's indeed worthy of the title as he received a standing ovation from the jurors with his impressive performance of the Air Supply medley during the Final 3 stage. This also made rounds in the internet, which caught the attention of the Air Supply members as well!


1. FPJ's Ang Probinsyano: Romano kills Isabel: 10,103,079 views



FPJ's Ang Probinsyano has been serving us heart-stopping episodes every night since it kicked off in 2015. And this year, this scene showing the hapless plight of Isabel (Sam Pinto) in the hands of Romano (Ronnie Lazaro) is the most shocking and most watched by the avid viewers.


Since 'tis the season of giving, we have a bonus video for you. Well, this isn't surprising anymore since the Yuletide station IDs produced by ABS-CBN every year never fail to garner a lot of views and mentions in social media.


ABS-CBN Christmas SID 2017 “Just Love Ngayong Christmas” Recording Lyric Video: 19,773,864 views



Weeks before Christmas Day, the recording lyric video for "Just Love Ngayong Christmas" sleighed its way to our social media feeds. This featured various Kapamilya artists singing the catchy Yuletide tune and wearing the colorful #justLOVE shirts.


This year was indeed another phenomenal year for the ABS-CBN Entertainment channel on YouTube, having racked billions upon billions of views. Our Kapamilya can expect more of the gripping, delightful and up-to-the-minute videos from ABS-CBN programs uploaded to YouTube each day to enliven and entertain them whenever, wherever they are.