From Reel to Real: Three Kilig TV Moments That Brought These Love Teams Closer


It’s the kind of love story we’ve seen time and again. Some of our favorite couples started out as reel love teams. But then, they became real. And everything these love teams did afterwards became more kilig, because there’s nothing that will hit you in the feels quite like a love that’s true. Here are the TV moments that brought some of our favorite love teams closer together.

LizQuen in Forevermore

If you were Enrique Gil, how can you not feel for the beautiful Liza Soberano while rain is pouring down on her? And the way the Xander and Agnes looked at on another here can warm even the coldest of hearts. Forevermore was the first major teleserye team-up of the attractive couple, which led to more projects down the road and a courtship between the two. If ever they end up as each other’s “forever,” we know that it all started with Forevermore.

ElNella in Born For You

From Reel to Real Three Kilig TV Moments That Brought These Love Teams Closer 1
Elmo Magalona and Janella Salvador were already good friends when Born for You began, but it was during the run of the show that the two jumped from one another’s friend zone and into each one’s lover’s lane. The couple gradually developed their chemistry in their first teleserye together; thus, when the concert finale came, ElNella’s duet hit all the right notes in their fans’ hearts. Elmo and Janella may indeed be bound by the red string of fate.

JaDine in On the Wings of Love

From Reel to Real Three Kilig TV Moments That Brought These Love Teams Closer 2
When Clark and Leah first bumped into each other in a street corner, you could already feel the palpable chemistry of JaDine. When they both froze in each other’s arms and looked into one another’s eyes for the first time, you can feel that it wasn’t only the beginning of Clark’s and Leah’s love story, but also the real-life romance of James and Nadine. Since then, the two have been “on the wings of love,” and there doesn’t seem to be any indication that they’ll be getting off this flight anytime soon.

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