MMK ‘Kakanin’: Enchong Shows Us 5 Winning Moments to Overcome Life’s Challenges

Remember one of those memorable MMK episodes starring Enchong Dee? His character, Jayvee, had to resort to helping his mom sell kakanin to sustain the needs of his foster family. After going through several hardships, he finally became a financial advisor, in the hopes of saving his family from poverty. And although this served as his stepping-stone to make their dreams come true, he still had to go through a string of setbacks, which he eventually learned to power through.


MMK Kakanin Enchong Shows Us 5 Winning Moments to Overcome Life s Challenges 1


If you’re going through challenges in your own career, read on to find out what Jayvee had to go through, and find inspiration in how he overcame them:


1. When he was so frustrated, but he strongly held onto his purpose


When the going gets tough, remind yourself about the very essence of your work: to help your clients gain financial security, and hopefully, have a brighter life ahead. That, alone, is enough of a reason to be proud and to keep going. We know, it could be difficult in the beginning, but trust us; it will be worth it in the end.


2. When he was doubting his career choice, but found validation in his unit manager


When we get rejected for so many times, it takes a toll on our self-esteem—giving us a tendency to think irrationally. Nevertheless, we shouldn’t let these thoughts consume us. Remember, you are not alone. If you need someone to talk to, remember that you can always turn to your colleagues or manager for help.


3. When he was losing faith in himself and yet, he persisted


You were given a chance to be a financial advisor because you deserve it. They saw something in you that made them believe that you can do it. If you fail along the way, that’s okay. Every successful agent had to go through drawbacks anyway. It’s all about embracing the opportunity to learn and overcoming your weakness.


4. When he couldn’t close a deal, so he changed his mind set to “What would make this person’s life better?”


The fact that you have the initiative to serve your clients means that you’re on the right track. If you’re working with Sun Life, you’ve probably even come across the Most Respected Agency (MRA) model— putting clients’ interests first and living by the MRA core values: being caring, professional, inspiring, and winning. Let these principles drive you, and you’ll be fine.


5. When he wanted to give up, but he stayed true to his commitment to serve


Whenever you think about quitting just because you’re having a hard time… Don’t. Remember, success lies outside your comfort zone. Instead of looking for reasons why you should quit, focus on what you can do to make your clients’ lives better, and be more proactive in doing so. How can you help their kids go to college? How can you help them grow their business? It all pays off in the end, once you realize how you’ve made a positive impact in their lives.


Eventually, Jayvee was able to give back to his family for all their love and support—by investing in a lot where their dream house will soon stand. But more than this, by being a financial advisor in Sun Life, the company that brought out the best in him, he was able to lead more families to a brighter life—despite the challenges he faced. So if you’re a struggling financial advisor, take it from Jayvee, and don’t you dare give up. With determination, excellence, hard work, and the right company, you can still make your dreams come true, while helping other people achieve theirs!



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