Teleserye love lessons perfect for Valentine’s Day!
How do you prepare for that red-letter day called Valentine’s?

Yes, you should have those fabulous gifts ready, tickets to that romantic concert in your pocket, and of course the bouquet of roses in your hands for your special someone.

But are those all there is to it?

It’s a celebration of love, and nothing more can get you more prepared than knowing more about love and how you can make it even better for you and your loved one. Take it from these love lessons learned from ABS-CBN’s top-rating teleseryes!
1. If there is love, there should also be trust

Teleserye love lessons perfect for Valentine s Day  1  
Love should exist with trust. The best indication of a love doing well is the kind of trust that is shared wholeheartedly. Clark might not have given that much trust to his wifey Leah who decided to work abroad and help her family in On the Wings of Love.
This premise led to their “break-up” that left OTWOListas in utter sadness and despair. While most of them had faulted the prevailing circumstances, a clear factor that led to their most-talked about separation was Clark’s inability to trust Leah at that moment as he was blinded by jealousy. For true love to win, trust and faith in your partner’s love and loyalty should become paramount.

2. You must fight for your love always

Teleserye love lessons perfect for Valentine s Day  2
Even in the throes of uncertainty and risks, love is worth it. If you have discovered the kind of love that is worth fighting for, it is definitely worth all the hurt, pain, and all the trouble that go with it.

As the nation witnessed, the promise of love forever for Eduardo and Amor prevailed in the end, and so did Angelo and Yna in the finale of Pangako Sa ‘Yo

3. True love crosses all boundaries, even race

Teleserye love lessons perfect for Valentine s Day  3  
Daniel Matsunaga and Erich Gonzales’s mixed race relationship is mirrored in the teleserye they star in, Be My Lady. And it shows how the love they share is real and genuine despite the obvious differences.
It’s really not about where your partner comes from, or of what race or creed, the chance and triumph of a love so real and genuine can be consummated.

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