Four Films on the New iWant that Inspire Us to Fight For Our Freedom to Love
Four Films on the New iWant that Inspire Us to Fight For Our Freedom to Love 1

Love dares us. 

It dares us to reconsider our views. To look beyond the norms. To recognize that it knows no limits. Love dares us to fight for it—no matter the cost, no matter the opposition. The following films on the new iWant remind us of our freedom to love. These movies inspire us to keep fighting for it, which is why you should watch all of these if you haven’t yet.


Glorious, an iWant original, tells the May-December love story of 22-year-old Niko (Tony Labrusca) and 50-year-old Glory (Angel Aquino). Niko first meets Glory when she enters the shop that he works in and immediately falls in love with the older woman. The 28-year gap in age becomes an issue not only for Glory, but also for the people around them. Does age really matter in love?


Baka Bukas

Baka Bukas, a 2016 Cinema One original, introduces us to Alex (Jasmine Curtis-Smith), a 23-year-old lesbian whose sexual orientation isn’t a secret to anyone—except to her best friend Jess (Louise delos Reyes), who she has been in love with ever since they were kids. When Jess finally uncovers the truth about Alex, the two are forced to confront the feelings they have for each other.


In My Life

In My Life follows Shirley (Vilma Santos), a single mom who decides to go to New York to stay with her son, Mark (Luis Manzano), and get away from her problems. There, she tries to start a new life with the help of Mark's lover, Noel (John Lloyd-Cruz), while also trying to rekindle the lost relationship with her son. But just as things are getting better for Shirley in America, she finds out that Mark and Noel are keeping a secret from her.



Kita Kita

According to the film’s director, Sigrid Andrea Bernardo, Kita Kita is about falling in love despite disability, despite not seeing the person. The movie features Lea (Alessandra De Rossi), a Filipino tourist guide living in Japan who goes blind after witnessing her Japanese fianc√©'s infidelity. After a while, fellow Filipino and charmer Tonyo (Empoy Marquez) comes into her life and befriends the visually impaired woman. Eventually, they fall in love. 


All of these films tell us that love knows no boundaries—not age, gender, nor disability. This is the same message that Closeup champions with its #FreeToLove campaign. Closeup has always stood for closeness. And through the years, they’ve recognized that closeness, or love, happens in more ways than one. To further promote this advocacy, Closeup partnered with iWant and created the “#FreeToLove By Closeup” playlist, a collection of films that espouse this very message. The playlist features films just like the ones in this article, so make sure to check it out on the new iWant!

Learn more about Closeup’s #FreeToLove campaign here. You can also watch real #FreeToLove stories on Closeup’s Youtube playlist. Support the movement by using the #FreeToLove campaign on social media.