What’s Enrique Gil’s Secret to Not Looking Haggard?

What s Enrique Gil s Secret to Not Looking Haggard  1

Enrique Gil is one of local showbiz’s most visible and gorgeous faces today. The 25 year old is anywhere and everywhere, and he’s been very busy. But despite his hectic and stressful schedule, it doesn’t show on his face. He doesn’t look haggard. Enrique juggles a lot of things at once, but his ability to manage his time properly allows him to have the kind of work-life balance that helps him stay youthful and vibrant. He makes the most out of his limited time away from the limelight by spending it with his many loves. What exactly does Quen do to stay youthful and vibrant? Here are a few of his secrets.




This has become a part of the job, but dancing remains one of Enrique’s greatest loves. While it can make you sweat buckets, he finds it a great way to energize himself as it allows him to loosen up. Staying active even on your down time is actually one of the best ways to take a break.


What s Enrique Gil s Secret to Not Looking Haggard  2




Enrique’s affection for man’s best friend is no secret. He loves dogs just like the rest of us and finds spending time with them to be really relaxing. He even gave Liza Soberano a shih Tzu as a present a few years ago on Valentine’s Day, and they were once seen having a date in a dog hotel. A date with both your sweetheart and your dog? Now that sounds like a great way to unwind.


What s Enrique Gil s Secret to Not Looking Haggard  3


Travelling with his Lady Love


Enrique rarely finds the time to do this. But when he does, he really makes it count. For instance, during the 2017 holidays, the actor brought Liza to Spain to introduce her to the rest of his family. Enrique considered it as a “major step,” and he was delighted that all of them approved of the young actress. Simply put, Enrique always makes it a point to make the most out of his time off by spending it with those most dear to him.


What s Enrique Gil s Secret to Not Looking Haggard  4


Sneaker Shopping


Enrique only has two feet, but he can’t get enough of kicks! He has amassed a huge collection already, ranging from Yeezys to Jordans to the extremely hard-to-find ones (limited edition sneakers that typically have huge price tags on online retailers). Owning the latest and the rarest gives him a rush like no other, and it’s one of his favorite ways to de-stress.


What s Enrique Gil s Secret to Not Looking Haggard  5


Pond’s Men


Other than managing his time wisely, Pond’s Men has proven to be one of Enrique’s ultimate secrets in not looking haggard. He realized early on that soap isn’t enough to keep him looking energized, especially after a long day of shooting. According to Enrique, he looks and feels fresher with each use of Pond’s Men, and he claims that it’s what allows him to go on dates even after a hectic day at work. He advises guys—especially those in their 20s—to start taking care of their skin sooner rather than later for a more youthful and vibrant look.


Enrique’s secrets are out. We hope you picked up a thing or two on how to spend your time more wisely and how you can de-stress to look a lot less haggard!