Pinaka-kilig moments during Joshua Garcia’s meet and Greet

A certified heartthrob at a young age, Joshua Garcia’s stare will make any girl melt. His lucky fans got to meet him and experience for themselves his super nakakakilig style! These chosen few got up close and personal with their crush as Joshua tried his panliligaw moves on them during the #CornettoKiligFest. Here are the Top 10 kilig moments during the event:

1. When he literally just entered the venue

Smile pa lang, kilig to the cone na talaga!

2. Wow Emoji? Nailed it!

Wow na wow talaga. Joshua Garcia showed off his goofy side. Hindi lang nakakakilig, kwela pa!

3. When he revealed that his personality is closest to the winning Cornetto move, boy next door

“Akong ako yun eh, kasi gusto kong napapangiti yung crush ko…”

4. When he wasn’t sure if he can be a bad boy

Kayo, sa tingin nyo ba, pwede maging bad boy si Cornetto Boy Joshua?

5. When he gave us some much needed love advice

Based from his own experience and we just can’t get enough, TBH.

6. When he gave us a sample of his famous banat

“Eto oh, Cornetto Rocky Road, parang ako, nuts sa’yo.”

7. When this lucky girl couldn’t contain her kilig when Joshua shook her hand

Same, girl, same.

8. Let’s also not forget this moment his face came super close to a fan’s face

Grabe! Be still, my heart!

9. When Cornetto Boy Joshua gamely took selfies with the winners of the game

Kami din, please, Joshua?

10. And lastly, his answer to the question “Are you funny or romantic?”

“Funny and romantic”

Ano nga ba ang sagot nya dito? Catch the answer at marami pang ibang kilig moments by watching this video: