Frontrow brings more families together this Christmas

Nothing breaks a mother’s heart more than hearing her children call out for her. And while she may want to run to their side and hug them, for many OFWs, it’s impossible – with time and distance separating them. It becomes more difficult during the holidays, when the family yearns to be together.

For Cristina Dufitas, an OFW working in Singapore, it’s been seven years since she’s spent the holidays with family. And though she wants to go home, she chooses to stay abroad and save, because, “I don’t want my children to suffer. I’m willing to make the sacrifice and take on the hardship, because that’s what a mother does. I want to provide them the best life I can give them,” she says.

This Christmas, Dufitas has just one wish – the same one she has kept for many years – to be with family during the holidays “Here in Singapore, Christmas is just any other day. Even though my family and children share their appreciation for the gifts that I send them, I cannot feel na masayang masayang ako. Because all I wish is to be with them - to hug them, and tell them that I love them in person.”  

While Dufitas expects to celebrate this Christmas like the holidays before – alone and away from family - she’s in for a surprise as Frontrow, the globally renowned, multi-awarded marketing company, is here to fulfill her deepest wish.  

Watch as Dufitas receives her most unexpected gift.