LOOK: Janella Salvador and Robi Domingo reveal their take on online bashing

Along with great fame comes great fans. However, along with great fans also come…bashers. For celebrities, it has become part of their everyday hustle to deal with gossip, rumors, and mean comments on social media. With their lives constantly in the limelight and with their active online presence, they have become easy targets of public scrutiny on a daily basis.

Kapamilya stars Janella Salvador and Robi Domingo are no strangers to dealing with offensive remarks online. But instead of stressing out or mulling over the negative criticisms they receive, these young artists choose to combat hate with understanding and positivity.

Here are their personal messages and advice to shoo away all the negativity!



As an artist, i’m often asked about my take on bashing and bullying on social media. You know what I say? I say... why would I even waste my time listening to criticisms from people who can’t even do any better? Why would I waste my time listening to people who have never been in my shoes? Why would I listen to people who spend all their time on social media making and hiding behind fake accounts, ranting about the success or failure of a certain person, when they obviously aren’t very successful themselves? People can only say so much but I know who I am and what i’ve been through. I know my true imperfections. They don’t know my story, why things turned out the way they are and why i’m here. There is only one person who knows every single thing about me and my life– and that is God. And because of that, no weapon formed against me shall prosper. The same goes for all of you... keep that in mind when you feel like the world is against you. You have yourself and you have someone up there who loves you more than anyone can. That’s more than enough. #OPPOF7

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“People can only say so much but I know who I am and what I’ve been through.
 I know my true imperfections. They don’t know my story…”

For Janella, it’s about accepting that people will always have their opinion of you. Therefore, it’s important to have strong faith in who you are. It’s about knowing your worth and believing that, despite your flaws, you are enough.


“…if you’re not having an awesome day, try to blur all the bad things, focus on the good,
and show ‘em those pearly whites. Everything will be okay.”

As for Robi, it’s all about surrounding yourself with the right people for love and support. Moreover, it’s having a positive disposition and focusing your energy on the things that matter.  

Sure enough, "haters gonna hate.” They’re here and they won’t be going away anytime soon. Nevertheless, they can’t hinder these celebrities from continuing to rise above setbacks, moving forward with their careers, and inspiring their fans to appreciate their individuality and love their real unique selves.

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