Arjo Atayde’s Bagman on iWant gets praises, has netizens wanting more
Arjo Atayde s Bagman on iWant gets praises has netizens wanting more 1

The engaging showcase of politics, drama, and action topped off with Arjo Atayde’s effective portrayal of an anti-hero in the iWant original series “Bagman” has generated praises from netizens and has racked up hundreds of thousands of views on the streaming service.

The series, which can be streamed for free on iWant, has so far dropped nine episodes that have left people wanting more. Its final three episodes will also be made available for streaming on Wednesday (April 3).

On the entertainment site’s review of the series, Julia Allende wrote, “As a whole, ‘Bagman’ promises to be a substantial series in the roster of iWant originals, boasting of content that is both relatable on a personal level and engaging on a societal level.”

Popular entertainment blogger Rod Magaru, meanwhile, watched the first three episodes and said that “the story line is totally a run for your money.” He added, “In fact, this series is very brave in tackling a socio-political plot given the current status quo in this country. Bagman has a combination relatable content of heart and injustice that you’ll end up wanting for more episodes.”

“Bagman,” which follows the story of Benjo (Arjo), a barber-turned-henchman for a governor, boldly depicts the dark and often thorny ins-and-outs of politics.

Also making iWant users and netizens undeniably hooked are the premise, the performances of the cast, and the storytelling. The series’ first episode can also be watched on iWant’s official YouTube channel.

On YouTube, Angie Harper commented that she was hesitant to watch the series at first because of its theme, but found that the acting performances are great and the script “clean.” She said, “It’s like ‘House of Cards’ Philippine edition. Great cast too. Arjo is the man… he's the best actor of his generation. So worth it to watch this series, I can’t let go og it. It'll suck you in and you'll need to know what's going to happen next. Great show! I’m waiting for what’s next!”

On Twitter, meanwhile, users have raved about the series’ first nine episodes, and some of them even expressed their wish that it would get a second season. 

@Drewste94879038 said, “Great, Benjo! ‘Bagman’ is the best Filipino series I’ve watched so far!!!!.” Meanwhile, @dyosa_ligaya24 posted, “‘Every episode is nerve-wracking... I salute the whole cast, the director, and the writers. More acting awards for you Papa Benjo @AtaydeArjo.”

User @carmexislife is also excited for the new episodes, posting, “Feeling ko bitin pa rin kahit matapos na yung last 3 eps next week. Hopefully, extended. I swear I’m really enjoying the series. Walang tapon na eksena. Very pleasing panoorin si Arjo kahit tarantado ‘yung role niya.”

Twitter user @hanzczareign also said, “Done watching Bagman on iWant. Grabe. It's really good! A different Arjo Atayde I’ve seen on that series. Every episode has a twist. You'll always wonder what will be next. Looking forward to the next episodes.”

Stream the first nine episodes of “Bagman” for free and catch its final three episodes, which will be available on Wednesday (April 3) on iWant via its iOS or Android apps or via web browser on More subscribers can also get their iWant craving in the comfort of their own homes as they can already connect the streaming service to their TVs via Chromecast and Apple Airplay.

iWant is one of the digital initiatives of ABS-CBN, the Philippines’ leading media and entertainment company, which is rapidly transitioning into an agile digital company with the biggest online presence among all media companies, and a growing list of digital properties.