Frontrow grants a single mother’s heartfelt wish for Christmas

Filipinos are known to be a truly resilient people, able to endure hardships for the sake of providing a better life for their families and loved ones. Filipinos are also known to be a happy and joyful lot, always ready with a smile and a helping hand to whoever needs it.

But there is one season that makes it harder for Filipinos – most especially OFWs -  to smile, and that is during Christmas, because it marks another lonely time separated from family.

Jackqueline Balajadia, an OFW who’s been working in Singapore for over 16 years, yearns for the day to be able to hold her children and celebrate Christmas with her loved ones. A single mother with two children, and with an extended family relying on her for financial support, she shares, “There have been so many celebrations and milestones that I’ve missed - birthdays, graduations, the first time my child learned to speak, walk and go to school. I’ve been away for so long and I just wish to be with them so I can have memories of them and be part of theirs, too.”  

And this Christmas, through Frontrow, the globally renowned, multi-awarded marketing company, Balajadia is granted the wish she has always yearned for – a heartfelt reunion.

Watch her story unfold here.