JUST FOR FUN: Netizens reimagine Black Widow to be Julia Montes

JUST FOR FUN Netizens reimagine Black Widow to be Julia Montes 1

Although it’s a narrative dominated by men, the heroines of Marvel Cinematic Universe didn’t let themselves be left behind in fighting against the vicious villains alongside their powerful squad, like the femme fatale Black Widow, or also known as Natasha Romanoff.

Despite not possessing any supernatural powers unlike her allies, she’s able to protect mankind and defeat the enemies with her unbelievable ability in martial arts, acrobatics, shooting, computer hacking, and processing a huge volume of information hastily, which she developed and honed by being a highly-trained spy and former agent of S.H.I.E.L.D (Supreme Headquarters International Espionage Law-enforcement Division).

This somehow reminds us of Ana Dimasalang’s journey in the afternoon series Asintado, portrayed by Julia Montes. The distressed and bullied young woman was trained in combatting techniques and espionage by a group of people. They aim to stop the evil schemes and seek justice to the people killed by Salvador del Mundo (Nonie Buencamino), including her two sets of parents.

With the similarities in their plight, attitude, and capabilities, netizens fancies Julia as Black Widow in the Just for Fun Poll we rolled in the ABS-CBN Official Facebook Page recently.

It was actually a close fight among her and Since I Found You’s Arci Muñoz and The Blood Sisters’ Erich Gonzalez. The latter two also astound us with their acting prowess and flaunt the same built and parallel personality as the Marvel character’s portrayer Scarlett Johansson.