OPPO F5’s Celebrity Selfie Challenge at the Star Magic Ball

More celebrities are getting hooked on OPPO’s newest and phone. It seems like the OPPO F5 is the selfie phone of choice, judging by the selfie snaps that filled these celebs’ IG feed. 

Julia Barretto, Joshua Garcia, Ronnie Alonte, Coleen Garcia, Janella Salvador, Gretchen Fullido, Gretchen Ho, Robi Domingo, and Matteo Guidicelli were each given a selfie challenge to carry out during the much-awaited Star Magic Ball. Thanks to OPPO F5’s pro selfie features, all of them were able to do their challenges without a hitch. 

Julia Barretto: Slay Selfie

This lady is all grown up, as shown not just in her choice of gown for this year’s ball, but also in her talent as an actress. This Love You to the Stars and Back star did slay this challenge with her artsy photo. It artfully captured so many elements in one photo: Julia’s sexy back and classy up ‘do, her brand new OPPO F5, and her date’s – shall we dare say – “look of love”. 

Joshua Garcia: #DateGoals Selfie

Joshua created quite a buzz with his sweet prom-posal for date Julia Barretto. It seems that Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect”, the song he chose to serenade Julia with when he asked her to the Star Magic Ball, can well be the theme of their evening. Judging from his triumphant look and Julia’s adoring gaze, Joshua did reach all his #DateGoals! 


Ronnie Alonte: Selfie with Kapamilya Idol

There are a few occasions that so many of the industry’s big names really get to gather in one place and mingle, and the annual Star Magic Ball is top of the list. This makes it the perfect venue for Ronnie, just a few years in the business, to take the opportunity to snap a selfie with his idol: the Kapamilya president himself, Mr. Carlo Katigbak! So fascinated is he with the front-facing camera features of the F5 that Ronnie also sneaks in a selfie shot by the glittery Star Magic wall. 


Coleen Garcia: #BodyGoals Selfie

Coleen is simply dazzling in a sleek and elegant black gown that perfectly matches not just her fit physique but her classy OPPO F5 as well. She achieved her #BodyGoals by sticking with a sugar-free, low-carb diet paired with indoor cycling and hours at the gym. She swears by its positive effect on her overall health, and it doesn’t hurt that it gives her a hot bod as well. The next time she walks down an aisle, it would be in her wedding gown as she meets the love of her life.


Janella Salvador: Wacky Selfie

Have you heard about Janella’s newest baby? Yup, it’s her OPPO F5, and she’s taken it with her to the ball. My Fairy Tale Love Story’s star has endeared herself to many for her fresh take on life, among other things. Her photos unapologetically answers to the call to #CaptureTheRealYou. Even while walking the red carpet, she manages to snap a playful selfie, and also shares her go-to selfie pose. 


Gretchen Fullido: Selfie with a Kapamilya Icon

Having been a loyal Kapamilya since 2010, Gretchen has surely rubbed elbows with many of the industry’s big names. Her style and charm has graced many of ABS-CBN and TFC’s shows for over half a decade. Of all the big names in the Star Magic Ball, she managed to snag a photo with the man of the hour: Mr. M, who incidentally was given a tribute at this year’s ball. 


Gretchen Ho: Selfie with Crush

Without a doubt, Gretchen got heads turning when she walked down the red carpet. Effortlessly sexy in her low-cut and pristine white gown, she looked ready to party the night away. While others were busy taking photos of her, Gretchen was determined to snap a selfie with that guy she’s been crushing on for years. With her go-getter attitude, was there any doubt she would succeed? 



Robi Domingo: Selfie with Squad

Having been an active member of the industry for several years, Robi’s got the Star Magic Ball routine down. He’s gone a long way from being Kuya’s housemate in 2008. He’s been on a roll since then, taking on a lot of hosting gigs, even dabbling in dancing and acting. Armed with his OPPO F5 and a smile, Robi’s got all he needs for that perfect selfie. Solo selfie? Groufie with a squad? He’s got those covered.


Matteo Guidicelli: Barkada Selfie

The OPPO F5 is Matteo’s date for the night. Since Matteo went solo to the Star Magic Ball this year, fans have been wondering if all is well with him and Sarah G. Calm your hearts, though. Take a closer look at his selfie and note that tied securely around his wrist is the couple bracelet that both he and his girlfriend wear. His fun, barkada selfie with other Kapamilya stars just show that couples need not always be stuck to each other’s side. Yes, it is actually possible to be in a happy relationship and still party with other friends. 


Stay tuned for more updates on the OPPO F5 and its many features that #CaptureTheRealYou, to be launched this coming October 26. Check out OPPO’s website, Lazada page, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts for more information.

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