How Hong Kong Disnyeland became the 'Most Romantic' place on earth for 'MMK'



From being the happiest place on earth, Hong Kong Disneyland also became the most romantic place for Karla Bonifacio and her boyfriend Gio Manay, whose love story was featured in MMK last Saturday (Feb 17), as they went back to the popular theme park where they broke up last year this time, to make new memories together.



“Disneyland made sure that this trip would be memorable for us and that we were there to make new memories,” Karla said.



As soon as they arrived in Hong Kong Disneyland, Karla revealed that she cried because she remembered some hurtful moments but was quick to shrug it off and just looked forward to making new and happy ones.


Together with the MMK team and lead actors JC Santos and Bela Padilla, Karla and Gio checked in at the Disney Explorer’s Lodge, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort’s newest hotel. The seven-storey structure has 750 hotel rooms, each featuring an open sea view or a landscape view of one of the four lush themed gardens that exemplify the cultures of Asia, South America, Africa and Oceania.



Disney Explorer’s Lodge is not only a fantastic getaway for Disney guests, it is also a one-of-a-kind hotel experience for those visiting the cosmopolitan city of Hong Kong. Guests could easily find the fun in the four gardens, all-new restaurants and themed rooms. The best part is, these exotic adventures are just a stone’s throw from downtown, making it convenient for anyone seeking high-quality accommodation with a dash of Disney magic.


According to Karla, “I was amazed when I saw the room. You know that they have thought it well when it comes to the designs and set-up. I said that we won’t be able to experience this with our own money and that this is the full blown Disney adventure. They were also very welcoming plus they gave us Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse stuff toys and balloons.”




Aside from the hotel, they also enjoyed the sumptuous food selections and quality service given by Hong Kong Disneyland.


The romantic adventure didn’t end there and the couple explored the Mystic Manor, a mystifying museum where exotic artifacts from around the globe come to life right before your eyes, and got the chance to be kids again in Toy Story Land.



They also had the chance to cast off on a thrilling expedition with elephants, gorillas, and hippos in the Jungle River Cruise, and took pictures while walking around the scenic places in the park.


Capping off their experience, they joined the afternoon and evening parade as they watched all the Disney characters come alive.

“Last year we didn’t get to finish the parade. This time I saw Mickey and Minnie Mouse in the finale of the show!” she said.


It was indeed a very special and memorable trip for the two but Karla confessed that there is one thing that truly made the experience extra special and magical.


“This time, he really made me feel that his 100% attention was on me,” she said.