Valentine Hugot Playlist for the Friendzoned
Valentine Hugot Playlist for the Friendzoned 1

You have been so caught up in trying to find love, you did not realize that the person you have been waiting for is already standing next to you. The question now is, are you going to stay in the Friendzone? Think hard before you make any moves.

Pursuing a romantic relationship could be worth it. Television shows and movies have offered plenty of stories where two buddies find love in each other. 1998’s “Labs Kita, Okey ka Lang” and KathNiel’s “Must Be… Love” are only two out of countless examples. But there is another version to this narrative where they find out that it is not meant to be.

“Halaga” by Maja Salvador and Paulo Avelino

“Hindi niya lang alam ang iyong tunay na halaga.”

Friends are forever for a reason. They will always look out for you and will cherish you. They know your worth and treat you better than anyone. It is this kind of bond that will get you stuck in the friendzone. But it still beats not having any sort of relationship.

“Bakit Nga Ba Mahal Kita” by Angeline Quinto and Jona

“’Di mo man ako mahal, ito pa rin ako nagmamahal nang tapat sa’yo.”

No one plans to fall in love with their friends which is why it could happen so unexpectedly. It all started off innocently. By the time you notice that your feelings are serious, it is already too late.

“Kung Ako Na Lang Sana” by Coco Martin and Bela Padilla

Ewan ko nga sa’yo parang balewala ang puso ko.”

The hard part about being in the friendzone is that often it is unrequited. You feel that you could be something more. Meanwhile the other person, sees you nothing more than a mate.

“Friend of Mine” by Yeng Constantino and Jolina Magdangal

“I know friends are all we ever could be.”

Maybe you are better off as just friends. You can still be there for the other person through thick and thin. After all, there are some friendships that run deeper than any relationship.

“Kathang Isip” by Ben & Ben and Moira

“Minsan siya’y para sa iyo pero minsan siya’y paasa.”

You might start imagining a scenario where the other person would return your feelings. But there is also an ending where this only ruins the bond you already have. This is the worst-case scenario, when you must wake up and lose a friend.