Hugot Playlist para sa mga bulag sa pag-ibig

Love brings out the best in us. But watch out, because it can unleash the martyr in you too.

As Valentine’s Day rolls in, couples are readying plans to celebrate. Meanwhile, singles are still joining the fun because you can spend it with friends or family too! As for all the martyrs out there, why not try loving yourself this year!

You are brave for fighting for love. But ask yourself, is it worth the suffering? If these songs are right, then maybe it is time to walk away.

“Dahil Mahal na Mahal Kita” by Roselle Nava


“Kahit na tumingin ka sa iba, magmahal ka ng iba, magbubulag-bulagan ako.”

You can pretend to be blind all you want. But everyone else can see that you are indeed crazy for only hurting yourself.

“Bakit nga ba Mahal Kita” / “Kapag Ako ay Nagmahal” by ASAP Jambayan


“Umiyak man ako, hindi ko ito ikakahiya.”

Being strong is definitely commendable. But with great power comes with great responsibility. And using your strength to be a martyr is considered irresponsible.

“Kung ‘Di Rin Lang Ikaw” by December Avenue and Moira Dela Torre


“Kung ‘di rin tayo sa huli, aawitin ba ang puso kong ibigin ka?”

Saying goodbye does not mean you stop loving them. Saying goodbye means that you care about their happiness, even when you are not the one making them happy.

“Kahit Ayaw Mo Na” This Band with Janine Berdin and Morissette Amon

“Lapit nang lapit, ako’y lalapit. Layo nang layo, ba’t ka lumalayo?”

That other person is not moving away from you. They are actually moving closer to someone else.

“Hiling” by ASAP Jambayan


“Madayang tadhana iyong pansinin. Wala na bang karapatan na pagbigyan ang hiling?”

Destiny can hear you. Destiny has found the one for you. Destiny is just waiting for you to first realize that you are with the wrong person right now.

“Someday” by Angelica Panganiban and Paulo Avelino

“Someday someone’s gonna love me, the way I wanted you to need me.”

There are plenty of fish in the sea. And guess what, there is a special fish out there that will treat you like they need you to breath. That is the kind of fish you should be with.

“Before I Let You Go” by Jake Zyrus and Jason Dy

“Someday, somehow, I’ll find a way to leave it all behind me.”

When that someday comes, congratulations! Go and find the kind of person who deserves all your heart.