3 ‘I’m Tee Me Too’ Ships You Should Hop On To

If you’ve been on the internet for a while, we bet you’re familiar with this Thai series everyone’s raving about. Yes, we’re talking about I’m Tee Me Too!

This show is about a guy named WaTee who decided to rent out his house’s rooms to 5 other guys named Tee: MaiTee, MaeTee, TeeDo, TeeDet, and TeeRex. And while they all share the same name, each one of them has a unique personality—and fear. Will this kind of setup work and help build real friendships? That’s something you have to find out for yourself!

If you still need more convincing why you should watch this new series on iWantTFC, let’s just say ALL its 6 leads are actually famous BL couples in Thailand. Are you curious now? Read on to know more!


WaTee and MaiTee (KristSingto)

If you’re a follower of these two, you’d know that this ship has already sailed when they starred in the BL series, SOTUS, a few years back. 

3 I m Tee Me Too Ships You Should Hop On To 1

This year, we’re seeing them back on screen--not as lovers, but as housemates. And hey, if you think this is going to stop us from shipping them, you thought wrong!


MaeTee and TeeRex (OffGun)

Collectively known as OffGun in the world of Thai BL, these two have starred as a couple numerous times. And while they’re *only* housemates in this new series, they have something in common: they both don’t like being left alone, although for different reasons. 

3 I m Tee Me Too Ships You Should Hop On To 2

We’d rather see them together than alone, anyway (if you know what we mean!).


TeeDo and TeeDet (TayNew)

We can’t help but notice how similar their characters’ names are. Is this a coincidence? We think not! 

3 I m Tee Me Too Ships You Should Hop On To 3

Another famous Thai BL pair, TayNew, has been a couple on screen a *couple* of times. In fact, their Dark Blue Kiss series will be streaming on iWantTFC this October 26—it’s FREE, so don’t miss it!

These three pairs are certainly giving us the kilig and posiTEEve vibes that we all need! If you’re now ready to hop on any of these ships—or if you just want something new to binge-watch—you can check out the original (with English subtitles) or Tagalog-dubbed version of I’m Tee Me Too on iWantTFC for FREE.

What are you waiTEEng for? Download the app today and enjoy streaming!