5 Ways To Pull Off That Cool, Fresh Vibe a la James Reid On Your Date

So you scored a date.

That’s good. Awesome, actually. Now the million dollar question is: How do you pull it off? They say it’s all about ‘being yourself’ and ‘enjoying your time together’. But it’s date night. A little effort wouldn’t hurt, huh?

So, you scroll down your feed--looking for ways on how to impress your lady. Until you spot him: King of Cool, James Reid.

The guy who seems to have it all--good looks, edgy aesthetics, swaggy moves, superb music taste, and of course, a steady love life. You wonder: Is it possible to steal that James Reid-esque aura just to make your girl like you, too? The answer is yes. And we’ve done some digging (a.k.a. IG-stalking) so you could cop his level of coolness. Trust us, we got you. Er...James got you!


Make plans for your date. James always has that “everything’s under control” vibe. Well, you can master that come date night by thoroughly planning your date with your bae. No ‘ikaw bahala’ or ‘kung saan mo gusto’ moments, guys! Skip that kind of hassle by knowing what your girl wants--ahead of time. And make sure she’ll get it on your date.


Get that pre-date workout done. Who wouldn't be confident if you have that James Reid physique? It might take time to get his abs. But just keep working on your muscles for your big date. A strong body will make you look--and feel good. And that’s what matters, right?


Go for the laid-back style. It’s okay if you’re not the type of guy who likes to suit up for formal, candle-lit dinner dates. Be like James and choose a cool, laid-back style that fits your personality. That way, you can explore other date options--like going on a picnic. You can always save that fancy resto dinner for next time.

Wear that dashing, smile. Make your date feel that you’re enjoying her company. Keep the conversations fun. Don’t do all the talking. And when she does speak, wear that smile a la James. You know, the kind of smile that could secure you a second date--or better yet, a girlfriend. Because James Reid sure did.

Level up your grooming moves. Don’t just take a quick shower and spritz on your fave scent. Remember: you want to impress your girl. Invest in a good skincare routine. Clean up your beard. Trim your nails. Put on your go-to deo. And for maximum freshness, use a shampoo that could save you from itchy, greasy, and dandruff-prone scalp. James Reid switched to CLEAR Cool Sport Menthol for this reason. Why not give it a try, too?

You’ve already scored a date. Might as well pull a James Reid-level of coolness and confidence to gain extra pogi points. Game?

Photo credit: James Reid Instagram account