JUST FOR FUN: Netizens imagine Gerald as a gallant Captain America

JUST FOR FUN Netizens imagine Gerald as a gallant Captain America 1


As Avengers: Infinity War takes its gripping, epic course in theaters everywhere, we continue to marvel at how these heroic characters come to play.
Only initially reading them in comic sketches, they fulfill our dreams in more than a decade of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, culminating in this overwhelming, grand war wherein the universe is at stake.


And who among these Avengers will sacrifice life and limb and stand tall in the Quixotic adventure?


The gallant Captain America is played by the ever admired and iconic Chris Evans. But even if we see Chris play his heart out for the role, we can’t help but imagine, just for fun, who among our Kapamilya artists could also don the stars and stripes and throw that magic shield.


We blasted a question in a survey posted in ABS-CBN Official Facebook Page, who among Matteo Guidicelli, Gerald Anderson, and Enrique Gil could also become the same Steve Rogers-cum-American megasoldier of a superhero in Avengers: Infinity War.


According to respondents, the My Perfect You star is the top choice, having that distinct American features that fit the character. Gerald has long been admired as an incredible, larger than life actor, but why not fantasize him as the superhero of all American superheroes? It may suit him.


Following Gerald at a close second is Quen, whose well sculpted features and even his current heroic depiction of Lakas in Bagani, could have made netizens dream of him as a perfect fit for Captain America.


And, rounding up the list is Quen’s fellow Bagani cast member Matteo, who also was a choice by netizens for his likewise well-chiseled physique and heartthrob looks, not to mention his incredible athleticism.